Enter the Gungeon – Polaris

What does the Polaris do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Polaris is a B-rank gun that can level up through three different levels by killing enemies in the Gungeon. Each level up will increase the Polaris’ damage output, but you will lose one level each time you take damage even if the gun is not equipped.

The Polaris starts out with 5 damage at level one. That number grows to 12 at level two, and 20 at level 3. If you take damage at level one, you will lose all progress made to progress to the next level.

Is the Polaris a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Polaris is a good gun in Enter the Gungeon thanks to its very simple yet challenging damage mechanic. In the hands of a player with good movement and dodge roll skills, the Polaris will deal decent damage on most floors in the Gungeon.

Best Synergy for the Polaris in Enter The Gungeon

The Polaris has two Synergies in Enter the Gungeon – Star Friends and Square Brace.

Star Friends

If you have the Stuffed Star and the Polaris in your inventory, the Star Friends Synergy will become active.

Star Friends will cause the Polaris to shoot max-level shots in all directions.

Square Brace

The Square Brace Synergy will give the Polaris 20% more damage, increase its overall max ammo size to 700, and give it a total magazine size of 30. In addition, the Polaris will gain an increased fire rate once it levels up. It also gains auto-fire and a new look.

How to Use the Polaris in Enter The Gungeon?

You can use the Polaris like any other pistol in Enter the Gungeon. All you have to worry about is amassing kills to level up the gun to its max level.

In this case, you need 11 kills to reach level 2 and another 20 kills to reach the max level. Of course, taking damage between any other levels will reset the counter to zero and cause the gun to lose a level. Taking damage at level 1, for example, will remove all kills you made to reach level 2. Effectively causing you to start from scratch again. In addition, dropping the gun and swapping it out for a different gun will cause it to reset its level.

Good movement and timing are needed to keep the Polaris at max power at all times, which means you need to be moving and dodging a lot to avoid taking damage with this gun held.


The Polaris is a skill-based gun that depends on your ability to kill tons of enemies and avoid taking damage around the Gungeon. Players with advanced movement and dodge roll abilities will have a great time with the Polaris.

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