Enter the Gungeon – Rad Gun

What does the Rad Gun do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Rad Gun is a B-rank gun with a special reload mechanic that grants stat bonuses for each successful reload.

The Rad Gun will rely heavily on your ability to time the gun’s reloading animation but nailing the timing will reward you with a powerful damage bonus.

The Rad Gun will start with a mediocre damage stat of 4. However, as you successfully nail every reload, the Rad Gun’s damage numbers can grow to 128.995 damage. In addition, the Rad Gun’s projectile size will increase with each successful reload. But you will lose all bonuses if you miss a reload.

It is worth noting that the Rad Gun’s reload time decreases for each successful reload. While this sounds like good news, the shorter reloads mean less time for you to nail the Rad Gun’s reloads.

Is the Rad Gun a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Rad Gun is a great (or rad) gun in Enter the Gungeon. You won’t find another gun that can give you a massive boost in damage just by timing a simple reload mechanic.

The gun will start very weak with just four damage per bullet, but nail a few reloads successfully, and you have a decent room-clearer and a competitive boss killer in your hands with the Rad Gun.

Best Synergy for the Rad Gun in Enter The Gungeon

The Rad Gun only has one Synergy in Enter the Gungeon – Kung Fu Hippie, Rappin’ Surfer.

Kung Fu Hippie, Rappin’ Surfer

If you have the Rad Gun and the Sunglasses in your inventory, the Kung Fu Hippie, Rappin’ Surfer Synergy will become active.

This Synergy will increase the Rad Gun’s reload time and extend its magazine size to 20. The increased reload time should help you hit more reloads, as the timing will slow down significantly.

How to Use the Rad Gun in Enter The Gungeon?

While reloading, a small mark will appear in the Rad Gun’s reload bar. Press reload or fire the Rad Gun at the right time, and you will immediately receive the next set of damage buffs for the Rad Gun.

The Rad Gun will spell out a “NOICE,” “COOL,” or “RAD” text with each successful reload. On the other hand, failing to time the Rad Gun reload will result in a “WACK” text instead.

Practically speaking, you can reload the Rad Gun up to 13 times before nailing the reload timing becomes impossible (the gun will reload too fast to time at this point). After 14 reloads, the Rad Gun will reload almost instantly, instantly resetting the accumulated buffs.

You can try to hit a couple of reloads before going into a boss battle to increase the Rad Gun’s damage output.

Even with just four successful reloads, the Rad Gun’s damage and projectile size will grow to a point where you can deal a massive amount of damage reliably to any boss with its 12-bullet magazine.

However, it is worth noting that passive reloads (when all the gun’s bullets run out or when switching out the Rad Gun for a different gun) will swap out the active reload damage buff for a passive reload damage that caps at 25 damage.

The extra 2 Coolness stat the gun provides reduces the cooldown of active items by 10% and reduces the chance for a chest to have a fuse by 5%.


With the right timing and luck, you can turn the B-ranked Rad Gun into a monstrous gun in Enter the Gungeon. Despite its small magazine size, the Rad Gun will have a higher DPS than most B-rank guns after four successful active reloads.

The Kung Fu Hippie, Rappin’ Surfer Synergy it shares with the Sunglasses can significantly help you nail more reloads in-game. The extra Coolness is a nice touch as well.

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