Enter the Gungeon – Seven Leaf Clover

What does the Seven Leaf Clover do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Seven Leaf Clover is an S-rank passive item in Enter the Gungeon that increases the general quality of chests found in most types of rooms in the Gungeon.

It is important to note that the Seven Leaf Clover does not improve the items found in chests directly, however, as it only improves the quality of the chests themselves to an equal chance of red or black chests. It also does not affect Synergy Chests.

Is the Seven Leaf Clover a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Seven Leaf Clover is a very good item in Enter the Gungeon. As you may know already, chests are the primary source of guns and items in the Gungeon. The better the quality of chest you open in the Gungeon, the greater the chance you can get a better gun/item as well.

The ability to lock chest quality to no less than a red or black chest greatly improves the type of guns/items you can get from rooms moving forward. This means that you can expect to get A-rank and S-rank items with a 50/50 chance when opening chests found in chest rooms, mirror rooms, and secret rooms in the Gungeon.

Best Synergy for the Seven Leaf Clover in Enter The Gungeon

The Seven Leaf Clover only has Synergy and that is the Breakfast Club Synergy that it shares with the Wind Up Gun.

Breakfast Club

With the Wind Up Gun and the Seven Leaf Clover in your inventory, the Breakfast Club Synergy will become active.

Breakfast Club will cause the Wind Up Gun to have 50% faster reload speeds, 60% increased fire rate, and 50% more damage. Magazine size is also improved from 20 to 27 and every shot except the last 10 bullets will be powerful piercing laser bullets.

How to Use the Seven Leaf Clover in Enter The Gungeon?

As a passive item, simply having the Seven Leaf Clover in your inventory will automatically improve chest quality in some rooms Enter the Gungeon.

Do note, however, that the Seven Leaf Clover only affects chests found in chest rooms, mirror rooms, and some secret rooms. It will not affect chests found upon clearing rooms and items not found in chests. In addition, picking it up in one chamber will not automatically update the quality of chests in that chamber. You can only start reaping the effects of the Seven Leaf Clover on succeeding floors in the Gungeon.


With the help of the Seven Leaf Clover, you can easily acquire A-rank and S-rank loot from chests found around the Gungeon. This can help you secure the rest of your Gungeon run with better guns/items and improve the Wind Up Gun’s stats through the Breakfast Club Synergy if you already have the gun in your inventory.

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