Enter the Gungeon – Shotgrub

What does the Shotgrub do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Shotgrub is a C-rank semiautomatic gun that fires 5 bullets that spread out and leave small pools of poison goop upon impact. It is easy to mistake the Shotgrub for a shotgun class weapon in Enter the Gungeon because of its firing mode but it will not benefit from the Shotgun Affinity synergy.

The Shotgrub features a relatively high DPS stat thanks to its 5 bullet burst fire that deals 5 damage for each bullet and features three unique Synergies with five other weapons/items in Enter the Gungeon.

Is the Shotgrub a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Shotgrub is not a very good gun in Enter the Gungeon because of its inaccurate fire. Despite its 46.5 DPS rating, you will have a difficult time landing all five bullets on one enemy because of how the bullets spread out. In addition, the gun forces you to stand closer to enemies to land as many bullets as possible.

It’s not all bad for the Shotgrub, as the poison effect it inflicts on enemies can deal decent damage over time and the Synergies it shares with other guns/items help make it a much better gun versus stock.

Best Synergy for the Shotgrub in Enter The Gungeon

The Shotgrub has three Synergies in Enter the Gungeon – Contrail, Just Like The Real Thing, and Monster Grub.


With the Shotgrub and Alien Engine in your inventory, the Contrail Synergy will become active.

With Contrail active, Alien Engine’s flame will turn green and set enemies on fire. In addition, the Alien Engine will give you the ability to fly while it is held.

Just Like The Real Thing

If you have the Sixth Chamber/Yellow Chamber/Holey Grail/Bullet Idol plus the Shotgrub in your inventory, you can take advantage of the Just Like The Real Thing Synergy.

Just Like The Real Thing will give the Shotgrub a similar bullet behavior to Shotgrub enemies. This means that the Shotgrub will lose its poison effect but gain a static bullet spread and penetration instead. The bullets that hit the walls will also split and move in a wave pattern.

Monster Grub (Best Synergy)

The Monster Grub Synergy will become active if you have the Shotgrub and the Monster Blood passive item in your inventory.

Through Monster Grub, the Shotgrub’s bullets will gain a homing effect on enemies.

How to Use the Shotgrub in Enter The Gungeon?

Not only does this put you at a greater risk of taking contact damage but it can also make it more difficult for you to dodge enemy bullets since you’re standing relatively closer to land reliably with the Shotgrub

Things get much better if you have the Monster Grub Synergy between the Shotgrub and the Monster Blood passive item, though, as the Shotgrub will gain a homing effect that should help you land more bullets more consistently on enemies in the Gungeon.


In theory, the Shotgrub’s 5-bullet burst fire can deal high potential DPS to single enemies. However, its bullet spread makes it difficult to land with the weapon consistently from safe ranges and will force you to stand closer to enemies to get a clearer shot.

Fortunately, the Shotgrub’s Synergies help make it a more serviceable gun in Enter the Gungeon, and the Monster Grub Synergy can make it one of the more powerful weapons in the game thanks to the homing effect it gives to the Shotgrub.

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