Enter the Gungeon – Silver Bullets

What does the Silver Bullets do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Silver Bullets is a C-rank passive item that falls under the Bullet Upgrade family of passive items in Enter the Gungeon.

Bullet Upgrade passive items provide additional effects to any gun in the Gungeon. The Silver Bullets’ trick up its sleeve is its ability to increase any gun’s damage by 225% when shooting Jammed enemies. Silver Bullets also increase the amount of damage you deal to boss enemies by 25%.

Is the Silver Bullets a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Silver Bullets is a very good item in Enter the Gungeon, as it increases your overall DPS when fighting against Jammed and boss enemies in the Gungeon.

When paired with any of its other Synergies, the Silver Bullets can turn guns such as the D-rank Blunderbuss into a powerful Jammed-slaying weapon.

Best Synergy for the Silver Bullets in Enter The Gungeon

Silver Bullets shares four different Synergies with six other guns in Enter the Gungeon – Blessing and a Curse, Chance On Hit, Hell Singing, and Radiant.

Blessing and a Curse (Best Synergy)

The Blessing and a Curse is a Synergy shared between the Silver Bullets and the Cursed Bullets bullet upgrade passive items.

Blessing and a Curse give you a permanent damage boost from killing jammed enemies in the Gungeon. Specifically, it boosts attack dealt to Jammed enemies by 0.0025 for every Jammed enemy killed.

Chance on Hit

The powerful A-rank Gunderfury and the Silver Bullets can combine to activate the Chance on Hit Synergy in Enter the Gungeon.

Chance on Hit gives Gunderfury a chance to slow enemies and alters the gun’s bullets to exhibit Shock Rounds-like behavior (chain lightning between fired bullets.)

Hell Singing

The Silver Bullets can Synergize with the D-rank Blunderbuss and Dueling Pistol, and the C-rank Trick Gun to activate the Hell Singing Synergy.

Hell Singing will cause any of the three guns above to deal 50% more damage to jammed enemies in the Gungeon. The exact damage dealt is x4.875 multiplied by the gun’s base damage.


The Silver Bullets and the Lower Case r share a Synergy called “Radiant,” which alters the Lower Case r’s bullets from “BULLETS” to “SILVER,” “BLESSED,” and “WEREWOLF.”

How to Use the Silver Bullets in Enter The Gungeon?

The Silver Bullets is a passive item that enhances a gun’s bullet effects in Enter the Gungeon. With that in mind, you need to keep the Silver Bullets in your inventory to enhance any gun you carry in-game.

The Silver Bullets allow you to deal with jammed enemies efficiently, thanks to the bonus damage it provides to any gun in the game. With the Silver Bullets passive item in your inventory, gathering more Curse to spawn more jammed enemies might be a good idea since jammed enemies drop more Bronze Shells than normal enemies.

On the other hand, boss fights should be more manageable as well, thanks to the 25% bonus damage buff you can get from the Silver Bullets passive item.


The Silver Bullets is one of the better passive items you can get your hands on in Enter the Gungeon. Even without the bonus jammed enemy damage buff, the Silver Bullet’s 25% bonus damage on bosses makes it a very compelling bullet upgrade in-game.

All four of its Synergies aren’t too shabby as well. Blessing and a Curse is especially powerful, because of the persistent 0.25% damage buff it provides for every jammed enemy kill.

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