Enter the Gungeon – Life Orb

What does the Life Orb do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Life Orb is a unique A-rank beam gun that deals continuous damage to enemies in the Gungeon. The Life Orb also possesses a special attack that deals damage to all enemies in the room when reloading relative to how much damage the Life Orb dealt to the last enemy you killed using the weapon.

To put it in more simple terms, the Life Orb will instantly kill all enemies with similar HP to the last one you killed with this weapon. For example, completely draining one Bullet Kin of their HP will give the Life Orb’s reload effect enough damage to kill all other Bullet Kin in the room.

Is the Life Orb a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Life Orb is a decent gun considering the added adaptive splash damage it deals to every enemy in the room. However, like most beam-type weapons in Enter the Gungeon, its DPS is relatively weak, and directing the beam towards moving targets can be a bit challenging.

On top of that, beam-type weapons such as the Life Orb drain ammo very quickly despite their large magazine size. With the Life Orb’s 600 magazine and max ammo size, you will quickly drain the weapon’s ammo in a few rooms in the Gungeon.

Still, the Life Orb’s reload effect can be very good for clearing rooms around the Gungeon when used properly.

Best Synergy for the Life Orb in Enter The Gungeon

Unfortunately, the Life Orb does not share any Synergy with other guns/items in Enter the Gungeon.

How to Use the Life Orb in Enter The Gungeon?

Unlike normal guns that shoot projectile bullets in Enter the Gungeon, the Life Orb emits a purple lightning beam that drains the HP of enemy units close to your crosshair. This means that you will need to keep your crosshair on top of your desired target to deal continuous damage to the target.

This continuous beam will also build up the Life Orb’s charged attack, which you can release by reloading. Just remember that the Life Orb’s charge attack bases its damage on the amount of damage you dealt to the last enemy before they died. So if the last enemy you killed from full HP with the Life Orb had HP equal to that of a Bullet Kin before reloading, the Life Orb’s reload effect will deal damage enough to clear the room of every Bullet Kin as well.

Knowing where the Life Orb draws reload effect damage can help maximize the gun’s room-clearing ability. The key word here is “last enemy,” which means any other enemy you drained HP from will be overridden by whatever enemy you last killed before reloading.


The Life Orb’s beam and reload splash damage mechanic can be very confusing at first, even the devs admitted as much. But once you get a hang of it, the Life Orb’s beam + charge attack combo can be very good for clearing multiple enemies of the same type in the Gungeon.

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