Enter the Gungeon – Sprun

What does the Sprun do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Sprun is an A-rank passive item that can block bullets and give you a Windgunner for a short time in Enter the Gungeon.

The Sprun functions similarly to Guon Stones in that it will block incoming bullets for you. However, it will not orbit your Gungeoneer and will only stay near your Gungeoneer instead.

In addition, the Sprun will automatically assign a random trigger that will cause it to spawn a Windgunner that you can use for a short period. For the list of possible triggers, see the How to use the Sprun section below.

Is the Sprun a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Sprun is a very good item in Enter the Gungeon that can block bullets for you automatically. However, the Sprun’s pièce de résistance is its ability to give you a Windgunner for a short period in the Gungeon.

The Windgunner is a one-off gun that can only be acquired by satisfying the Sprun’s random trigger. It deals massive damage at 450DPS and even has infinite ammo.

Best Synergy for the Sprun in Enter The Gungeon

The Sprun does not share any Synergies with other items or guns in Enter the Gungeon.

How to Use the Sprun in Enter The Gungeon?

Since the Sprun is a passive item, simply picking up the item in-game will give you its full effects immediately. As soon as you pick up the Sprun, a green orb will spawn and stay near you as you move around the Gungeon.

Picking up the Sprun will also automatically roll a random trigger that you need to satisfy to get the Windgunner for a short period. These triggers are:

  • You use your last blank.
  • You take damage. If you’re playing as the Robot, taking armor damage counts as a trigger.
  • You lose your last piece of armor.
  • You’re down to half a heart.
  • Your gun runs out of ammo.
  • You are set on fire.
  • You become electrocuted or poisoned.
  • You fall into a pit.
  • You flip a table.
  • You use an active item.

One neat trick you can try to bypass the random Windgunner trigger is by saving the game. So if you happen to get a random trigger that’s less than ideal for your personal tastes or your current loadout, you can just save the game and reroll to a different trigger once you restart the game.


The Sprun is one of the last passive items that were added into the game back in the A Farewell to Arms update. It is a very good item that can help you block damage thanks to its bullet-blocking abilities, and it can even give you the powerful Windgunner for a short time in the Gungeon.

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