Enter the Gungeon – Metronome

What does the Metronome do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Metronome is a B-rank passive item that grants bonus damage for every enemy you kill in the Gungeon.

Metronome will grant +2% damage for each enemy you kill up to a maximum of +150% bonus weapon damage at 75 enemy kills. Unfortunately, the bonus damage will be reset if you take damage from any source or when you drop or change guns.

However, picking up guns will not affect the bonus damage buff and will transfer the existing buff to the new weapon instead.

Is the Metronome a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Metronome is a very good item in Enter the Gungeon that provides 2% bonus damage for every enemy you kill in the Gungeon.

The Metronome is a valuable item that rewards good movement and dodging ability. The longer you can stay damage-free, the longer you can hold on to the powerful damage buff this item provides.

Best Synergy for the Metronome in Enter The Gungeon

The Metronome has three Synergies with a few other guns/items in Enter the Gungeon – Keeping The Beat, Shredder, and Three Part Harmony.

Keeping The Beat

Keeping The Beat is a Synergy between the Metronome and the Drum Clip that increases the Metronome’s kill damage bonus from 2% to 4%. By extension, this Synergy will also increase the damage bonus cap from 150% to 250% at 75 kills.


If you have the Metronome and the Face Melter/Gunzheng, the Shredder Synergy between these guns/items will become active.

Shredder will effectively double the shot spread of the Face Melter and the Gunzheng.

Three Part Harmony

The Three Part Harmony Synergy between the Metronome and the Really Special Lute will greatly decrease the Really Special Lute gun spread.

How to Use the Metronome in Enter The Gungeon?

To take advantage of the powerful damage buff that the Metronome provides in the Gungeon, you need to kill as many enemies as possible and evade as best you can. Doing so will ensure you keep raking on as much damage as possible while preserving the damage buff.

Keep in mind that you will lose the damage buff as soon as you drop or switch weapons, so you need to make sure that you’re holding or using the best gun you have in terms of accuracy, magazine size, and room-clearing capabilities.

However, you can bypass the Metronome’s buff reset by dropping the Metronome first, switching to your desired gun, and then picking up the Metronome again. This will not reset the Metronome’s kill counter and allow you to switch guns while keeping the damage buff intact.

One last thing to remember is that the Metronome will not count kills from bullet explosions such as those from the Strafe Gun and the Cat Claw, but it will count kills from passive effect bullets and illusion kills.


The Metronome can give any gun insane damage as long as you can avoid taking damage for as long as possible around the Gungeon. If you can keep killing enemies while staying damage-free, you’ll soon have a powerful room-clearing gun that will make quick work of enemies around the Gungeon.

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