Enter the Gungeon – Strafe Gun

What does the Strafe Gun do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Strafe Gun is a fully automatic S-rank gun that fires high-speed nails that land almost instantly on your targets in the Gungeon. The nails you fire with the Strafe Gun will explode as soon as you release the trigger.

The Strafe Gun has a magazine size of 20 and a max ammo capacity of 400. The Strafe Gun’s bullets deal one impact damage while the explosions deal eight damage. With a Shot Speed of 500, the Strafe Gun features one of the fastest-traveling bullet projectiles in the game.

Is the Strafe Gun a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Strafe Gun is an okay gun in Enter the Gungeon. However, its small magazine size coupled with its fully automatic fire limits its boss-killing capabilities. In addition, its DPS rating of 46.5 is relatively low for an S-rank gun in Enter the Gungeon.

Nevertheless, the Strafe Gun is still very good for room clearing around the Gungeon and one that offers high accuracy, thanks to its nail projectiles that land almost instantly.

Best Synergy for the Strafe Gun in Enter The Gungeon

The Strafe Gun has three Synergies with other guns/items in Enter the Gungeon – Cool Kids Club, In The Mood!, and Spicy D-Boys.

Cool Kids Club

The Cool Kids Club Synergy between the Strafe Gun and the Devolver will give you increased movement speed while holding the Strafe Gun.

This Synergy will give you a yellow glow to indicate the movement speed buff that wears off as soon as you stop moving.

In The Mood!

If you have Strafe Gun or the BSG/Thunderclap in your inventory, the In The Mood! synergy between these guns will become active.

In The Mood will increase your movement speed slightly and the shot speed of the Strafe Gun/BSG/Thunderclap by 25% while the Synergy is active.

Spicy D-Boys

The Spicy D-Boys Synergy between the Strafe Gun and Sunglasses will increase your Coolness rating by two points. In addition, reloading the Strafe Gun will cause nearby enemies to light up on fire.

How to Use the Strafe Gun in Enter The Gungeon?

You do not have to do anything special with the Strafe Gun to fully utilize its capabilities around the Gungeon. Its quick projectile speed makes it almost a point-and-shoot gun that offers high accuracy and decent damage, which means you only really have to choose your targets and shoot to your heart’s content.

You might notice a Bleed effect occasionally from one of your targets, but this is strictly a cosmetic effect, as all of the Strafe Gun’s damage comes from its impact and explosion damage.


For an S-rank gun, the Strafe Gun is an okay gun for room clearing in the Gungeon. Its strengths lie in the ammo efficiency it provides with its super-fast projectiles that help you land almost every bullet with pinpoint accuracy.

However, there’s a lot left to be desired from its damage output, which is arguably mediocre for a top-rank gun in Enter the Gungeon.

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