Enter the Gungeon – The Bullet

What does The Bullet do in Enter the Gungeon?

The Bullet is a unique unlockable Gungeoneer in Enter the Gungeon. But, unlike the four default Gungeoneers, The Bullet – ironically – can take on a more hack-and-slash approach that’s the complete opposite of typical Enter the Gungeon gameplay.

The Bullet comes equipped with a starter gun called Blasphemy, which is actually a sword that’s meant to slash through enemies. Despite being a melee weapon, Blasphemy is capable of firing a piercing sword projectile as long as The Bullet maintains full health.

On the other hand, Bullet’s starter, Live Ammo, gives The Bullet immunity to contact damage and turns its dodge rolls into an alternative attack.

Together, The Bullet’s starting gun/item can turn The Bullet into a powerful melee Gungeoneer that’s capable of dealing decent melee damage with his starter weapon and through dodge rolling.

Is the Bullet good Gungeon?

The Bullet is a very good character to play in Enter the Gungeon, thanks to its powerful starter weapon and item – Blasphemy and Live Ammo.

The most impressive part about The Bullet is its loadout, which allows you to play the game as an aggressive melee fighter that can cut enemies down with The Bullet’s starter weapon, Blasphemy.

Blasphemy becomes even more potent when you consider the fact that Live Ammo basically gives The Bullet immunity to contact damage. In addition, The Bullet’s immunity to contact damage allows him to take advantage of powerful close-ranged weapons such as shotguns in Enter the Gungeon.

How do you unlock the Bullet Character in Enter the Gungeon?

You have to follow a series of steps perfectly to unlock The Bullet in Enter the Gungeon.

First, you need to kill at least one Past from any of the four default Gungeoneers (The Convict, The Hunter, The Marine, The Pilot.) After which, a Red-Caped Bullet Kin should start appearing around the Gungeon at random.

Typically, these Red-Caped Bullet Kin spawn during the first wave of every floor. Don’t attack the Red-Caped Bullet Kin and don’t worry about being attacked either, as this character will not use its weapons and will automatically despawn after 10-30 seconds.

To unlock The Bullet, you need to have 5 unique encounters with the Red-Caped Bullet Kin around the Gungeon. Staying in a room alone with the Red-Caped Bullet Kin for 10-30 seconds until they despawn will count as one instance. You will need five of these encounters to unlock The Bullet.

After successfully completing the unlock method above, The Bullet will automatically appear in The Breach, where you can start using him around the Gungeon.

How to Play The Bullet in Enter the Gungeon?

Despite the focus on The Bullet’s melee combat capabilities, Blasphemy offers a ranged attack mode that is only available when The Bullet is at full HP. By swinging the weapon while at full HP,  Blasphemy will send out a piercing rainbow sword projectile that deals 14 damage.

The Bullet’s starter weapon also offers a few interesting perks such as the ability to destroy all incoming bullets in a small area around The Bullet when reloading, and the ability to slash away incoming bullets in front of The Bullet.

With this in mind, you’re going to want to take advantage of Blasphemy’s ranged attack by keeping your distance while you’re at full HP, and revert to a melee fighter when you lose one heart. Either way, The Bullet’s starter item, Live Ammo, gives it the ability to close the distance between The Bullet and its enemies.

The Bullet’s Blasphemy and Live Ammo loadout can even destroy the High Dragun’s RPG rocket by simply slashing at the RPG round, and the resulting explosion will not damage you as well. This makes The Bullet an insanely powerful character that can make quick work of Enter the Gungeon bosses.


Compared to the other playable Gungeoneers in Enter the Gungeon, The Bullet offers a completely new experience in terms of gameplay, thanks to its unique starter weapon and item in Blasphemy and Live Ammo, respectively.

If you want to try out The Bullet for yourself, simply follow the unlock method we have outlined above and start hacking and slashing around the Gungeon. 

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