Enter the Gungeon – The Pilot

What does The Pilot do in Enter the Gungeon?

The Pilot is one of four default playable Gungeoneers in Enter the Gungeon.

The Pilot starts with one starter gun (Rogue Special), two passive items (Disarming Personality & Hidden Compartment,) and one active item (Trusty Lockpicks.)

The Pilot is arguably the weakest Gungeoneer in the first few floors of the Gungeon due to his weak starter weapon. Fortunately, you can quickly make up for this handicap with his ability to open chests, buy items at a discount at shops, and carry multiple active items.

Is the Pilot Good Enter the Gungeon?

The Pilot is a very good Gungeoneer in Enter the Gungeon despite having the weakest starter weapon of any Gungeoneer in-game.

You will most likely struggle the most in the first few floors of the Gungeon when playing The Pilot. However, you can also quickly become more powerful by opening chests and acquiring more powerful weapons through his Trusty Lockpicks and Disarming Personality.

Nevertheless, The Pilot has the best chance of acquiring the best items in the game through his passive and active items.

How to Play The Pilot in Enter the Gungeon?

As with every Gungeoneer, The Pilot’s starter items mostly dictate how the character is played around the Gungeon. With one of the worst starter guns at his disposal (Rogue Special,) you will have a tough time playing The Pilot in Enter the Gungeon.

Rogue Special has short range and laughable damage, which means you will have to get creative with how you position yourself early in the Gungeon. Dodge roll and use objects as cover to lure enemies within striking distance to make up for The Pilot’s inability to clear enemies reliably from afar early on. It shouldn’t be long before you can replace the Rogue Special with a more serviceable weapon anyway.

On the other hand, take advantage of Disarming Personality’s shop discounts to pick up more powerful items and weapons and use The Pilot’s Trusty Lockpicks to open every chest you can find on every floor. Don’t forget to use your second Active Item afforded to you by Hidden Compartment as well.


The Pilot is a unique character that ages like fine wine – the deeper he makes it into the Gungeon, to more powerful he can become through items and weapons.

His weak early-game damage output and range will force you to be crafty and active when clearing floors around the Gungeon, forcing you to dodge and avoid the enemy fire to survive like crazy early on.

However, with the help of his passive and active items, it won’t be long before The Pilot amasses the weapons and items he needs to sail past the rest of his Gungeon run.

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