Enter The Gungeon – Casey

What does Casey do in Enter The Gungeon?

Casey is a D-rank melee weapon in Enter the Gungeon that features a special charge-up attack and the ability to reflect incoming bullets. It deals massive damage on hit (100) and can send enemies flying upon death. Casey can even Synergize with a few other weapons/items to give it a decent power boost.

In a game filled with projectile-based weapons, the Casey is an odd yet exciting weapon that can give you a fresh gameplay perspective in Enter the Gungeon.

Is Casey a good weapon in Enter The Gungeon?

In the context of gun-based gameplay, the Casey is not a very good weapon in Enter the Gungeon. But, it is arguably one of the most fun weapons to use in the game.

The only problem with Casey is its melee range, which will force you to move next to enemies to deal damage. The weapon does deal big damage if you manage to get close to enemies, but you risk taking damage on your way to the enemy as well.

One Gungeoneer can take advantage of Casey in Enter the Gungeon, and that is The Bullet. With the help of Live Ammo, The Bullet can get close to enemies without taking contact damage, and, with Casey’s charge ability that reflects nearby bullets, The Bullet should have no problems fighting at melee range with Casey.

Nevertheless, other Gungeoneers will not have these perks, which makes Casey a powerful yet risky weapon for anyone other than The Bullet. Still, a key Synergy can help alleviate Casey’s downsides.

Best Synergy for Casey in Enter the Gungeon

Casey has two Synergies in Enter the Gungeon – Careful Iteration and Flak Smack.

Careful Iteration

Casey can Synergize with the Armor of Thorns, Shotgun Full of Hate, Nail Gun, or the Eyepatch to activate the Careful Iteration Synergy in Enter the Gungeon.

Careful Iteration will give Casey spikes and the ability to fire six nails every time Casey is swung. When using Casey at melee range with Careful Iteration active, enemies hit will turn red in color and take damage over time (as if they’re bleeding.)

Flak Smack

Flak Smack is not a true Synergy for Casey. Therefore, you won’t see a blue arrow pop up when both the Casey and the Flak Bullets are in your inventory.

Nevertheless, Flak Smack gives Casey a very powerful, albeit inaccurate, long-ranged attack.

How to Use Casey in Enter The Gungeon?

The Casey is mainly a melee weapon, which means you must get close to enemies to deal damage with the weapon. If you have a good idea about how most enemies move around the Gungeon, you should have no problems dodging and moving around enemies to sneak a quick smack on them.

Moving towards targets shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you’re playing as The Bullet, as you will be immune to contact damage through Live Ammo anyway. If you’re playing any other Gungeoneer, however, be very mindful of your positioning and make sure you have an escape plan when things get too hectic.

Don’t forget to utilize Casey’s charge ability to deflect incoming bullets back towards enemies and its ability to send enemies flying like a baseball upon death. The latter will require careful positioning but you can deal a huge amount of damage (2x the enemy’s max health as damage) if you can send the dead body towards another enemy correctly (bosses included.)


The Casey is one of very few melee weapons in Enter the Gungeon and one of the most difficult to use properly as well.

Still, Casey’s raw damage and ability to deflect incoming bullets help lessen the downsides of being a melee weapon, allowing you to make quick work of enemies and defend yourself from incoming damage when necessary.

With the help of a few Synergies with other items/weapons, Casey can become an even more powerful mid-close ranged weapon that deals a huge amount of damage in Enter the Gungeon.

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