Enter the Gungeon – Unfinished Gun

What does the Unfinished Gun do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Unfinished Gun is a D-rank semiautomatic gun that fire short-range piercing bullets that deal 6 damage each. The Unfinished Gun’s DPS is rated at 20.9 with a magazine size of 15 and a max ammo capacity of 350 bullets.

Despite being a lowly D-rank gun, you can upgrade the Unfinished Gun into the powerful D/S-rank called the Finished Gun by completing the Ammonomicon.

Is the Unfinished Gun a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Unfinished Gun is not a very good gun and is a D-rank gun through and through because of its low damage, long reload times, and lack of burning capabilities despite belonging to the FIRE class of firearms.

Some members of the Enter the Gungeon community find the Unfinished Gun to be weaker than even some starter guns in the game, with the gun’s piercing capability and the upgrade path to the Finished Gun as its only redeeming quality.

Best Synergy for the Unfinished Gun in Enter The Gungeon

The Unfinished Gun shares only one Synergy with one other gun in Enter the Gungeon – Phoenix Up.

Phoenix Up

Phoenix Up is a Synergy between the Unfinished Gun and the Phoenix Up in Enter the Gungeon.

Phoenix Up will spawn a Phoenix summon whenever the Phoenix Gun is held. The summoned Phoenix will fight alongside you as you move around the Gungeon.

How to Use the Unfinished Gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Unfinished Gun is a semiautomatic pistol that functions very similarly to most of the basic starter pistols in the game. Despite its low damage, you can fire all 15 bullets of the Unfinished Gun’s magazine in rapid succession by pressing the fire button repeatedly rather than holding it down to deal consistent damage in the Gungeon.

We previously mentioned how the Unfinished Gun can be upgraded or “finished” in Enter the Gungeon. You can do this by unlocking all of the items and guns in the Ammonomidon except for the number 2 entry listed in the book.

Unfortunately, the Unfinished Gun’s ammo only pierces enemies and cannot set them on fire despite belonging to the FIRE class in Enter the Gungeon.


The Unfinished Gun is definitely meant to be a meme gun in Enter the Gungeon. Its D-rank designation, low damage, and slow reload speed definitely help make it feel like an “unfinished” piece of equipment in-game.

Nevertheless, if you manage to unlock every gun and item in the Ammonomicon, you can complete the Unfinished Gun and turn it into the powerful S-rank Finished Gun.

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