Enter the Gungeon – Cigarettes

What does the Cigarettes do in Enter The Gungeon?

Cigarettes is a D-rank active item that increases your Coolness by 1 but removes half a heart or your armor upon use. For every point of Coolness you gain in the Gungeon, you gain reduced active item cooldowns and an increased chance of getting item drops after clearing rooms in the Gungeon.

If you have armor, Cigarettes will remove your armor before it takes away half a heart upon use and you can even light up oil puddles and Phaser Spider webs with the discarded cigarettes.

The best thing about Cigarettes is that the Coolness bonus you gain for using the active item remains even after you’ve removed the item from your inventory.

Is the Cigarettes a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

Cigarettes is a good D-rank active item thanks to the permanent Coolness buff it provides upon use. While it consumes armor or half a heart, these are things you can replenish easily as you progress through the Gungeon and discover shops and chests.

Best Synergy for the Cigarettes in Enter The Gungeon

The Cigarettes shares three Synergies with three other guns/items in Enter the Gungeon – Iroquois, What A Thrill, and I need scissors! 61!.


Iroquis is a Synergy between the Cigarettes and the MAC10, which decreases MAC10’s reload time by 33%, increases magazine size by 50%, and improves knockback by 50%.

What A Thrill

If you have the Cigarettes and the Patriot in your inventory, the What A Thrill Synergy between these two items will become activeand give Patriot a chance to transmogrify enemies in to snakes.

I Need Scissors! 61!

The Cigarettes and the Trank Gun can combine to activate the I Need Scicssors! 61! Synergy.

I Need Scissors! 61! Will change the Trank Gun’s appearance, decrease its rate of fire, increase its reload time and damage, and gives its bullets the ability to slow and stun enemies.

How to Use the Cigarettes in Enter The Gungeon?

The Cigarettes is an active item in Enter the Gungeon that you need to place in your active item slot to use the item in-game.

You can use the Cigarettes whenever you want, but just remember to keep your armor or health in check before you swap it out for 1 point of Coolness. If you have a full set of hearts before completing a floor, use the Cigarettes to gain more Coolness, which reduces active item cooldowns and increases the chance for items to drop after completing a room in the Gungeon.


If you’re confident enough to run through the Gungeon with less than a full set of hearts or armor, then the Cigarettes will be a very beneficial item for you.

The permanent Coolness it provides will reduce active item cooldown and improve your chances of getting loot after clearing rooms around the Gungeon. You might even get hearts from the increased drop chance, which could cancel out the Cigarettes negative effects in the Gungeon. Win-win.

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