Enter the Gungeon – Blood Brooch

What does the Blood Brooch do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Blood Brooch is an A-rank passive item that increases your Curse by 1 when held but heals you for half a heart whenever you deal a total of 1200 damage to enemies in the Gungeon.

The Blood Brooch shines in the latter parts of the Gungeon where you are able to deal more damage per shot and enemies are able to absorb more damage, making the 1200 damage requirement much easier to achieve.

Is the Blood Brooch a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Blood Brooch is borderline a bad item in Enter the Gungeon if you consider its high rank. For an A-rank passive item that also increases your Magnificence when picked up, the Blood Brooch’s healing bonus is too minor for the amount of damage you have to deal to reap what is essentially a small reward.

Depending on which floor you’re currently on in the Gungeon, dealing 1200 damage might not be an easy task, making the Blood Brooch a situational item that works much better on later floors in the Gungeon.

Nevertheless, any form of healing is always nice to have in the Gungeon, especially if you don’t have to spend money in the process.

Best Synergy for the Blood Brooch in Enter The Gungeon

The Blood Brooch shares three Synergies with three other guns/items in Enter the Gungeon – blade, Fear the Old Blood, and Venom Veins.


Blade is a Synergy between the Blood Brooch and the Kruller Glaive. The Blade Synergy between these two items will give the Kruller Glaive 20% more damage and add a bleeding effect to enemies hit.

Fear the Old Blood

If you have the Blood Brooch and the Trick Gun in your inventory, the Fear the Old Blood Synergy between these two items will become active.

Fear the Old Blood will give the Trick Gun a 33% faster reload time and a 20% increased fire rate.

Venom Veins

The Blood Brooch and Mutation can combine to activate the Venom Veins Synergy which gives the Mutation the ability to poison enemies.

Antibody (Unofficial Synergy)

The Antibody is a B-rank passive item that adds a 50% chance of getting an extra half-heart whenever you heal in the Gungeon. When combined with the Blood Brooch’s effects, there’s a 50% chance you’ll get a full heart heal when the Blood Brooch activates after you deal a total of 1200 damage to enemies in the Gungeon. 

How to Use the Blood Brooch in Enter The Gungeon?

You must deal 1200 damage to any enemy in the Gungeon to reap the Blood Brooch’s healing effect. The damage count is accumulated, which means the damage you deal from one target to another will still count towards the 1200 damage requirement.

You will gain half a heart every time you hit the 1200 damage requirement in the Gungeon. However, this might prove to be a challenge, especially in the earlier floors where your guns deal too little damage to deal enough damage and get reliable and consistent healing from the Blood Brooch.

Where the Blood Brooch truly shines is in the latter stages of the Gungeon, when you finally have a higher-tier gun that deals more damage and more powerful enemies that can absorb more punishment.


Healing is always a great thing to have in a chaotic bullet hell game like Enter the Gungeon. The Blood Brooch’s healing effect, though situational, can be very beneficial as you dive deeper into the Gungeon.

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