Enter the Gungeon – Infuriating Note

What does the Gungeon Infuriating Note do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Infuriating Note is a rankless passive item that can be found in random chests around the Gungeon. The Infuriating Note does not offer any tangible effects that improve gun or player stats in the Gungeon. However, it is a necessary passive item when exploring the Resourceful Rat’s Lair.

There are a total of six Infuriating Notes that you can collect in Enter the Gungeon. Five of these can be found at random in most chest types around the Gungeon, while the last one can only be dropped from a Mimic.

Is the Gungeon Infuriating Note a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

Despite the seemingly useless yet hilarious messages that the Resourceful Rat leaves behind in the notes, the Gungeon Infuriating Note is a necessary item if you want to make it through the Resourceful Rat’s Lair.

Without the Infuriating Note, finding your way through the maze in the Resourceful Rat’s Lair will be almost impossible, as one of the notes contains important directions that will help you through the maze in the Resourceful Rat’s Lair.

Best Synergy for the Gungeon Infuriating Note in Enter The Gungeon

The Infuriating Note does not share Synergies with other items or guns in Enter the Gungeon. Nevertheless, all six Infuriating Notes contain infuriating insults courtesy of the Resourceful Rat that may or may not give you a few laughs while playing the game.

How to Use the Gungeon Infuriating Note in Enter The Gungeon?

Although the Infuriating Notes drop from chests and Mimics at random, the Infuriating Notes don’t start appearing around the Gungeon until you’ve unlocked them via the following methods:

  • First Note: Beat Gungeon Proper
  • Second Note: Let the Resourceful Rat steal one of your items.
  • Third Note: Enter the Oubliette
  • Fourth Note: Obtain a Master Round
  • Fifth Note: Kill Fuselier
  • Sixth Note: Kill the High Dragun

You can access the Infuriating Notes and read their messages through the Ammonomicon. Each note will contain a different message from the Resourceful Rat:

  • First Note: “I’ve taken your stuff, but you keep pushing through; I’ll have to try harder, so rats off to you! – R.R.”
  • Second Note: “Some chests are red, but more of them blue; no matter what’s in ‘em, I’ll steal it from you!” – R.R.”
  • Third Note: “What I wouldn’t give to see the look on your face. You wished for an item, and found this note in its place! Thanks for your continued patronage. Fufufufufufu… – R.R.”
  • Fourth Note: “I should just kill you, but that’d be no fun so just for a laugh, I’ve stolen your gun! Good luck, [random insult]! -R.R.”
  • Fifth Note: “If you were to find me, I’d make you bow on your knees. You’re just a rodent, and I’m the Big Cheese! -R.R.”
  • Sixth Note: “Some say I’m a joke, but I’m bottling rage: it’s tough getting a Mimic to gobble this page! Mimic bars. -R.R.”


Although the Infuriating Note does not offer status buffs to your guns or your Gungeoneer in Enter the Gungeon, it iis still a necessary item you must unlock and acquire in-game.

Without all six Infuriating Notes, you will waste a ton of time looking for the right path to take in the Resourceful Rat’s Lair, which can be quite frustrating and might even cause you to get stuck in the Resourceful Rat’s Lair in the Gungeon.

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