Entr the Gungeon – Origuni

What does the Origuni do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Origuni is a C-rank semiautomatic gun that fires paper planes that pierce through enemies. The Origuni’s bullets also feature a Remote Bullet-esque mechanic where you can redirect the shots you fire by moving your crosshair across the screen.

The Origuni has a magazine size of 8 and a max ammo capacity of 300. Reload time is quite long at 1.2 seconds, but the gun’s DPS rating is decent for a C-rank gun at 22.5 (Manual) and 20.8 (Automatic). Each bullet deals 7.5 damage.

Is the Origuni a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Origuni is a good gun in Enter the Gungeon thanks to its ability to redirect its paper bullets to a target location. This effect gives the Origuni great accuracy, which can help with room clearing in the Gungeon.

A decently large ammo capacity of 300 and a respectable DPS of 22.5 (manual fire) make the Origuni one of the more decent starter guns in the Gungeon.

Best Synergy for the Origuni in Enter The Gungeon

The Origuni share four Synergies with several guns and items in Enter the Gungeon – Blade Runner, Paperwork, Paper Lanterns, and Parchmental.

Blade Runner

Blade Runner is a Synergy between the Deck4rd and the Origuni. If you have both guns in your inventory, the Blade Runner Synergy will become active and give both guns a 50% increased magazine size.


If you have any of the following Table Tech items:

  • Ballot
  • Blanks
  • Money
  • Rage
  • Rocket
  • Sight
  • Stun

Plus the Origuni in your inventory, the Paperwork Synergy between the Origuni and these Table Tech items will become active and cause the Origuni’s first shot after reloading to fire three planes instead of one.

Paper Lanterns

If you have the Paper Lanterns and the Balloon Gun, the Paper Lanterns Synergy between these two guns will spawn paper lanterns that drift toward enemies and deal damage.


Parchmental is a Synergy between the Map and the Origuni. Picking up the Map with the Origuni in your inventory will change the Origuni’s appearance and give it an additional paper plane per shot for a total of two paper planes.

The Parchmental Synergy will persist even after the Map is removed from your inventory, but the Synergy will be removed if you save and quit the game.

How to Use the Origuni in Enter The Gungeon?

You can use the Origuni like any other semiautomatic pistol in Enter the Gungeon. Just aim at your targets and shoot away.

Take advantage of the Origuni’s Remote Bullets mechanic by moving your crosshair to your desired targets across the room. If you want to fire the gun faster, ensure you’re tapping/clicking the FIRE button instead of holding it down, as manual shooting offers a better fire rate at 0.21 versus 0.24 for automatic shooting.


Overall, the Origuni is a very good C-rank gun that can help you breeze through the first few floors in the Gungeon. Its Remote Bullets effect, decent DPS, and useful Synergies make it a competitive gun in Enter the Gungeon.

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