Enter the Gungeon – The Robot

What does The Robot do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Robot is arguably the most unique Gungeoneer in the game – the Gungeoneer does not rely on hearts for health, instead, The Robot starts with 6 armor that can only be replenished by picking up Master Rounds and pieces of armor.

Robot’s Right Hand, Coolant Leak, and Battery Bullets are The Robot’s starting loadout. Robot’s Right Hand is The Robot’s starter gun that deals a respectable 20 DPS, while Coolant Leak is an active item that allows the Robot to shoot water that can put out fires and fuse chests.

Battery Bullets is arguably The Robot’s most powerful starter item, which gives the Gungeoneer increased accuracy, the ability to shoot water, immunity to electrified water, and a small chance to deal 1.25x damage.

The Robot is one of four unlockable Gungeoneers alongside The Bullet, The Paradox, and The Gunslinger in Enter the Gungeon.

Is The Robot Good Enter The Gungeon?

The Robot is a very good Gungeoneer in Enter the Gungeon with the highest growth potential in terms of damage output out of all the other Gungeoneers in the game.

The Robot gains a permanent 5% damage increase for every piece of Junk or Gold Junk you pick up around the Gungeon. In addition, The Robot’s Battery Bullets give it a 50% decreased shot spread, effectively giving The Robot double the accuracy versus other Gungeoneers.

How do you get the Robot ETG?

To get the Robot in Enter the Gungeon, you need to acquire the Busted Television and bring it to the Blacksmith in the Forge.

You can pick up the Busted Television in the elevator shaft at Gungeon Proper. However, you need to unlock the shortcut to the elevator shaft first by talking to the Tailor the Tinker a first time and then talking to him again in the Breach. After your second encounter with Tailor the Tinker he will start showing up around elevator shafts left by bullet elevators. 

Tip: Dodge rolling will drop the Busted Television, so it is better to wait until you unlock the elevator to the Black Powder Mine so you don’t have to worry about dodge rolling and dropping the item accidentally.

How to Use The Robot in Enter The Gungeon?

You can use The Robot like any other Gungeoneer in Enter the Gungeon. The only real difference between The Robot and the rest of the Gungeoneers is how The Robot’s HP works.

As mentioned above, The Robot does not use hearts for HP. Instead, The Robot starts with 6 pieces of armor that function as HP. That said, while the pieces of armor work the same way as HP would on the other Gungeoneers, taking damage will take away one whole piece of armor with The Robot but only take away half a heart on the other Gungeoneers.

Having armor for HP instead of hearts has its benefits. For example, each time The Robot takes damage and loses one piece of armor, a Blank will be activated for free. Another good thing about having armor instead of hearts is that jammed enemy bullets will only take one piece of armor as opposed to more than half a heart’s worth with the other Gungeoneers.

With pros come cons, and with The Robot, you need to pick up pieces of armor to replenish The Robot’s “HP” which can be a challenge in most runs as armor does not drop as often as hearts do in the Gungeon. (Just 6.09% chance of dropping armor compared to 36.06% for Half Hearts) In addition, The Robot can only carry up to 6 pieces of armor, which means you can only absorb up to six hits before The Robot is destroyed.

The Robot’s starting loadout is one of the strongest in the game, featuring a very reliable starter gun with inifite ammo in the Robot’s Right Hand. Battery Bullets gives The Robot’s guns more accuracy and a chance to deal 1.25x extra damage, while Coolant Leak and synergize with Battery Bullets to create water pools that deal electric damage.

Lastly, The Robot can grow even more powerful by collecting Junk or Gold Junk which gives the Gungeoneers a permanent 5% damage boost. If you can collect enough Junk, The Robot can deal massive damage by the time you reach the latter floors of the Gungeon.


The Robot is a unique Gungeoneer that relies on armor instead of hearts for HP in the Gungeon. Armed with a powerful starter loadout, The Robot’s reliable starter gun, passive and active item helps it breeze through the earlier parts of the Gungeon.

As you run through various floors and collect Junk, The Robot can become stronger and become a powerhouse by the latter stages of your run.

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