E3 PC Gaming Show Will be Led by Epic Games

This year’s E3 PC Gaming Event will include a keynote speech from Epic Games. Additionally, Netflix will be there, and Red Dead Online’s BETA test will finish with some fantastic new features.

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Netflix Joins E3

In much more E3 news, Netflix plans to attend this year’s convention.

According to a Twitter message from the NX account for the streaming service, Netflix will be there to talk about turning some of their biggest TV titles into video game series.

Exactly what these programs will be is yet unknown, but a triple-A video game series similar to Stranger Things, for instance, would be nothing short of extraordinary.

With interactive TV episodes like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch & You versus The Wild, an interactive adventure starring Bear Grylls, Netflix looks to be entering the video game market lately.

While turning some of their finest series into video games sounds great, it seems more intriguing and probable to turn Netflix shows into video games.

Who knows what Netflix will do next? Legend of Zelda, God of War, or the Gone Home might be fantastic if done well. We already know that Netflix is doing a high-budget version of The Witcher.

But we’ll simply have to continue speculating up until E3, unfortunately.

Epic Games will be the lead Gaming on the PC 

Epic Games is the featured artist at this year’s PC Gaming Show, which is a part of E3, as reported.

The top spot at the exhibition in Los Angeles next June has been handed to the creator and publisher of Fortnite, the most popular online game in the world right now.

Little is known about the demonstrations or announcements Epic Games will make, but I believe some Fortnite updates and the next version of Unreal Engine may be on the schedule.

However, Epic Games has affirmed that there would be “fresh new stuff” and announcements only available on the Epic Games Store.

As the competition between the Epic Games and other online gaming platforms, such as Steam, intensifies, news about the Epic Games Store will undoubtedly follow.

Epic Games Store seems to have been stealing games from Steam recently as the rivalry between the two platforms heats up.

Many people are presently talking about Steam’s new pay-for-promotion system, high prices, and distant attitude toward titles that could be objectionable.

One of the most viewed events with 4.7 million views the year before, the PC Game Show is the only PC-specific event at E3.

The creators of Warframe, Digital Extremes, have also confirmed that they will be there.

Perfect World Entertainment creates large online games like Star Trek and Neverwinter.

Along with Annapurna Entertainment, creators of several award-winning films, including What Remains of Edith Finch.

Some developers will not attend this year’s events since they will be attending their own or other events instead.

Red Dead Online Exits BETA bringing with them some Amazing Updates

Red Dead Online has added some fantastic new content and is officially out of its lengthy, player-tested BETA period.

Red Dead Online is now in a BETA condition since its introduction in late November of last year, being tested by millions of players across the globe while Rockstar Games works to fix issues and improve the infrastructure.

After six months, Red Dead Redemption 2’s online edition looks to be completely launched with all of the features and material that one would expect from a full version.

Red Dead Online, however, is not without flaws.

A whole slew of griefing, an uneven economy, incomplete goods and apparel, connection problems, a thinly inhabited world, and the unpleasant horse bonding glitch plagued the game when it first launched.

Thankfully, this game is now finished, with the majority of the problems fixed and all of the features correctly implemented and/or enhanced.

The game now boasts many new features, most of which fans have been requesting since the game’s launch, thanks to yesterday’s most recent patch.

The game now has brand-new Free Roam objectives similar to Red Dead Redemption 2’s main Story Mode.

Now you may get messy at the notorious Aberdeen Pig Farm or labor in the Bayou for Thomas Skiff.

There are now random dynamic events in the game, including aiding those in need or seizing chances.

The game needed these Free Roam missions and dynamic events from the beginning, and at least now, lone players have additional activities to choose from besides fishing and hunting.

There have been new events & challenges introduced for the multiplayer component.

For “A Land of Opportunities” storyline, new co-op objectives allow you to assist Jessica LeClerk in discovering the truth about her husband’s death.

Both Outlaw and Gunslinger players have chances throughout the plot, and your choices will impact your honor.

Poker play, a long-requested feature, a brand-new Showdown mode named Overrun, and accessories and attire are additional elements..

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