Windows Finally Gets Integrated with Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft has announced that the PC version of its popular subscription service, Xbox Game Pass will soon be available.

They have officially introduced Xbox Game Pass with Windows in advance of the E3 convention in Los Angeles this year.

For PC gamers to enjoy the same fantastic perks as Xbox Gamers, Xbox Game Pass has been made available for PC.

Over 100 AAA games, including Bio-Shock & Gears of War series, are accessible via the subscription-based service.

While it may be simple to write this off as Microsoft wanting to increase its revenue, the fact that only about 20 of the Xbox Game Pass titles are Windows compatible and the rest are solely accessible through, makes this intriguing for PC players.

This is fantastic news as Microsoft continues its intention over the last several months, to advance its PC and console integration, which has been witnessed by everyone to have been taking shape gradually already. Although there is no information on a list of a release date, compatible games or the price yet.

We have seen significant advancements in this section, starting with Play Anywhere, which enables a game to be played on either an Xbox or a PC.

Additionally, Xbox One features a game streaming feature that lets users play Xbox games on their PCs via a data stream. Xbox Game Bar for Windows 10 was also released last week.

With games like Fortnite and Microsoft-only titles like Forza Horizon 4 & Sea of Thieves, crossplay has also recently been a significant element of Microsoft’s integration ambition.

An application on Windows 10 called Xbox Game Bar, enables real-time modifications to games played on the operating system and integrates socials and chat functions from your Xbox.

Although there’s no exact release date yet, Xbox Game Pass on Windows 10 has recently been revealed.

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