3 Titanium Mining Tips for Outriders

Here are three strategies for farmed Outriders Titan after a rocky debut for their new IP from game developer People Can Fly.

Outriders, a brand-new IP and online combat game from Square Enix, is comparable to Destiny or possibly a sci-fi remake of The Elder Scrolls.

Despite a relatively positive pre-launch evaluation phase, the game’s first release was beset by glitches and server problems because an unexpectedly large number of players rushed to the new release.

On Steam, the game has had a high of over 100,000 active players at once, with a low of around 30,000.

Despite the fantastic work being done by the Crystal Dynamics team, which has promised material for Avengers, the game hasn’t even come close to meeting expectations.

A disastrous first launch mostly caused this.

However, Outriders seems to be doing quite well and has received accolades for being a great online game for various reasons, most of which aren’t that great.

The game’s great fusion of classic FPS shooter features with RPG principles is one of its key gameplay elements.

This makes the game playable for people used to action games while being recognizable to fans of classic MMORPG games.

Enoch, the game’s planet name, is very detailed and has a fascinating history, ecology, and plot.

To establish the final human colony on the globe, you must fight against dangers from all sides as the last remaining humans on Earth.

Like other RPGs, grinding and looting are essential gameplay elements in Outriders. However, titanium is used instead of gold.

People Can Fly has stated that they would offer users free goodies, including titanium, a famous weapon, and an emote, as compensation for the current problems.

Some of the most effective techniques for farming titanium before the rewards are: allowing auto-loot, destroying things, and finishing quests.

Like in other RPGs, useless objects may be disassembled for resources, and you’ll get titanium for finishing excursions, and auto-loot will ensure you don’t miss it.

Allowing Auto-loot

Although some people dislike it because it causes certain inventory concerns,  auto-looting is a common feature in RPG games and may be quite helpful.

When the game ends, powerful classes and weapons emerge.

Everything will be plundered in a certain region, allowing you to find things you would have missed otherwise.

The main distinction between Outriders and other RPGs is that when you leave a location, auto-loot will also mine any titanium from the region.

It saves a ton of time and guarantees that you will get the maximum amount of titanium when finishing a quest, monster, or objective.

It should be noted that there have been a few instances when this hasn’t worked correctly, but a fix is on the way.

Destroying things

Most RPGs let you disassemble objects and gather materials for use in crafts or as money.

Outriders Have a High Degree of Customization

A similar mechanism exists in Outriders, where undesired goods may be “scrapped,” and resources like titanium can be extracted from them.

The amount of resources harvested from an object depends on its level.

Epic and legendary things that you don’t require should be discarded since keeping them would be pointless if you want the finest titanium drops.

This technique proves challenging early on now and is best used as an end-game approach when you have a higher chance of obtaining uncommon stuff that you don’t need.

Finishing Quests

The “Expeditions” missions have become one of Outriders’ strongest end-game systems.

Advance Through a Vast Skill Tree

These challenging missions give greater prizes since it’s also far more difficult than those you may typically encounter throughout the main quest.

Be prepared to hustle for some of those prizes, which often involve significant quantities of titanium.

You will have to put in a lot of effort to complete these tasks due to the difficulties and obstacles provided in expeditions, which makes this one a slower technique of titanium farming.

The prizes gradually build up to a sizable sum, and it is enjoyable and provides more exciting game material than most of the other tasks.

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