How Good is the Relic “Unceasing Top” in Slay the Spire?

unceasing top

What does Unceasing Top do?

This relic draws a card whenever you have zero cards in your hand.

Is Unceasing Top a good relic?

Unceasing top is a very situational relic. It is amazing under the right circumstances because it’s the key to unlocking a lot of infinite decks. However, there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll get unceasing top or the cards that make a good infinite. The only way to make it work is if you pick this up early and can choose cards that work well with it as you progress.

Which cards does it work well with?

Unceasing Top synergizes well with most 0 cost cards. Some notable examples include the Ironclad’s anger (which deals 6 damage and places a copy of itself in your deck) and the Silent’s concentrate (which discards 3 cards and gains 3 energy).

Which cards should you avoid if you have Unceasing Top?

Any cards with the text “unplayable” will essentially render this relic useless, since you can’t get down to zero cards. This includes curses such as Ascender’s Bane, Clumsy, Curse of the Bell, Decay, Doubt, Injury, Normality, Pain, Parasite, Regret, Shame, and Writhe.

High cost cards generally don’t work well with Unceasing Top, because you’re much less likely to be able to empty your hand if you have a lot of high cost cards.

Which relics work well with Unceasing Top?

Any relic that gives you energy. An example is Sundial, which gives you 2 energy exvery 3 times you shuffle your deck. Another example is Happy Flower, which gives 1 energy every 3 turns.

Which relics should you avoid with Unceasing Top?

Velvet Choker does not pair well with Unceasing Top, because it won’t allow you to play more than 6 cards per turn.

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