Join the Chaos with Two Limited-Time Modes in Fortnite

This week, Fortnite’s limited-time modes steal the show. Put your precision and talent to the test in “Sniper Shootout” and fly through the air in “Roaring 50s”, a 100-player mode. Hero Thora from Save the World, employs all of her cunning charms on the wretched Husks and lastly, try aiming with the Heavy Sniper Rifle’s comeback.

This week, there are two brand-new LTMs—a sniper rifle-only challenge and a wild 100-player challenge. 

The Soaring 50’s: A Supreme Reign from Above

Fly high in Soaring ’50s, a LTM focusing on mobility. To win, use Bounce, Pads, Launch Pads, and Gliders.

Sniper Shootout: Aim for the Best and Cross Your Fingers

The greatest of the best, including Heavy Snipers, are reserved for the sniper rifle-only option.

Thora, a construction machinist, A Valuable Hero

With this crucial function for the quest, you may command the zones and place Husk traps.

Powerful squad powers are provided by New Machinist Thora, including the ability to damage Ninjas from abilities, resistance against damage from troops, and enhanced pistol damage against Outlanders, among many other things.

Heavy Weapons and Heroes Among Fresh Items

The same as the previous week, Fortnite only has 2 things this week. Thora, a Fortnite hero, joins the battle against Husks and the Heavy Sniper rifle, which can provide horrifying damage to those skilled enough to utilise it.

Destructive Long-Range Accuracy with the Heavy Sniper

In Battle Royale mode, aim with the Heavy Sniper rifle and attack at the appropriate moment to deliver a crushing blow across great distances that can destroy structures. Although Heavy Sniper requires more time to reload than the regular rifles.

There are two variations of the Heavy Sniper, which may be acquired via floor loots, vending machines, supply drops and supply chests.

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