GTA Online Cuts Price on HVY Menacer On Top Of Double RP and Cash

The HVY Menacer armed vehicle is introduced, along with significant discounts on several planes, cars, and pieces of real estate, plus there is a tonne of other new features in this week’s version of GTA Online.

The Urban Pacification by HVY Menacer Recently Made Possible

It won’t be long until you see the LSPD driving along the streets of Mirror Park in one of these “for your own protection,” since it resembles an SUV on steroids with an inferiority problem and domestic terror paranoid psychosis.

The HVY Menacer, essentially a tank with the comfort of a Mammoth Patriot, comes with a .50 cal turret as standard and has space for extra weapons, such as a rear-mounted mini-gun. You may get this family-friendly APC from Warstock Cash & Carry for only $1,775,000, but would you even put a price value on your family’s safety?


The features included with Hunting Pack Remix have also been expanded.

As one player attempts to outrun a team of Scramjets in a bomb-rigger MTL Pounder, a pack of war-hungry Vigilantes protects it in Hunting Pack Remix, which goes on matches with teams. Hunting Pack Remix is giving you twice as much GTA Online cash and RP this week.

To obtain extra liveries for your new HVY Menacerm, check-in any time this week.

Discounts and Bonuses 

This week, the typical amazing discounts are available on a few supercars (such as the Coil Cyclone), a few planes, such as the spectacular Mammoth Thruster, a sports icon, and a fantastic property, as well as on any necessary modifications and customizations.

Property Price-cuts 

After a period of property reductions, including those for Executive Offices, Bunkers, and Biker Clubhouses, the Facility is now being offered at a fantastic discount of 30%.

The Facility must participate in The Doomsday Heist missions and store an Avenger or a Mammoth Thrust, in addition to being incredibly awesome and having several wonderful features which are also on sale in the next few days.

The Doomsday Heist is a complicated and story-rich collection of interrelated missions that enables you to carry out very lucrative heist tasks with the help of Agent 14, Lester Crest, and an intelligent AI.

Car Price-cuts 

This week’s assortment of automobiles is fantastic. This week, several fantastic supercars, including the incredible Coil Cyclone and the cutting-edge Overflod Autarch, that belong in any professional racer’s garage, are being reduced;

Plane Price-cuts 

There aren’t many aircraft sales this week, but those that do exist are for some of the priciest and most sought-after in-game purchases.

Other Rebates

With the introduction of the HVY Menacer, the GTA Online drip-feed has continued. It’s not your normal armed vehicle since it looks like any contemporary SUV driven by a soccer mom, except with weapons. But, to be honest, on the Adderall, Ritalin, and coffee-fueled school run, who cares?

Hunting Pack Remix is a fantastic expansion of last week’s new Adversary Mode. It will offer you the chance to earn some excellent money with the double RP and cash possibilities of the quick and furious team game in GTA Online.

Except for the Facility, which wasn’t included in the initial runaway, the prolonged run of property discounts has now recently come to halt. Take advantage of this fantastic deal since we don’t know when it will be available again and because it is necessary for the heroic Doomsday Heist and storing a Mammoth Thruster or an Avenger.

The Mammoth Thruster is also on sale this week at a 30 percentage discount, which is extremely generous given that it is one of the game’s most costly pieces of equipment. This extends the Facility discount.

The official Rockstar Games Activities website has all information on this week’s GTA Online events page called Social Club Activities.

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