Predator Skin Spotted Prior to Fortnite’s 15.20 Update Launch

Fortnite Gamers have discovered a Predator skin while waiting for update 15.20 to get completed.

According to reports, the skin is not one of the several variations we have already seen previously but rather that of an original 1988 Predator.

A Predator-like feature would be perfect for Fortnite since not only would hunting other players be exciting, but it would also look amazing.

The Predator’s infamous shoulder-mounted cannon’s targeting laser symbol was discovered on a door next to a crash site that mirrors a scene from the film.

This served as the impetus for the rumor, which Fortnite players now believe to be real.

The recent discovery of hints and easter eggs in the game has added fuel to the Predator rumors.

Over the last several years, Fortnite has made several notable skins accessible, including Marvel super heroes and villains, John Wick, and just lately, The Mandalorian.

If the rumor is accurate, it will be interesting to see how Predator fits in with the current season’s plot, as these legendary skins are often coordinated with it.

Marvel superheroes and villains, for instance, entered the Fortnite universe during the most recent Nexus War narrative.

The skin will probably show up this month, though it hasn’t been confirmed, to correspond with the start of the new season today.

Although there’s no final verified information yet, it’s just a matter of hours til we find out as Fortnite update 15.20 will be released later today.

There are currently no specifics on what will be included in the update, however additional crossovers and well-known characters are anticipated to appear.

NPC characters might traverse the interdimensional gap first established in Season 5 and take on the role of “hunters.”

Given how updates often operate, we can predict seeing some fantastic new equipment, weapon, as well as gameplay modes and storyline twists and turns.

Aside from being a playable skin, but being chased by this legend would be no less than iconic; the Predator will be beyond suitable for this Fortnite update.

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