GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist Now Up for Grabs

The hit website-based rendition of GTA had a massive upgrade this year, called GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist, up for grabs at no cost.

Gamers often look forward to a new GTA Online expansion since they typically include further cars, gameplay, and personalization.

However, the most recent GTA Online DLC is quite contrary to the usual since we get to go outside of Los Santos and head to a new area this time around.

GTA Online: The Cayo Perico Heist

Small island Cayo Perico is owned by mysterious criminal “El Rubio,” also known as “The Blond.”

You must carry out the robbery by going to Cayo Perico and rob El Rubio completely.

Like with other heist games, preparation is necessary, but you decide what extent.

But unlike the previous GTA Online DLC, you may attempt this robbery alone or with a team, depending on your liking.

Private security guards and a virtual army are stationed on the island to defend this antagonist.

However, preparation is advised since your strategy might affect how the robbery turns out.

When it ‘s about time to carry out your penetration into El Rubio’s property, greater preparation means having more weapons on your end.

Everything ranging from illegal goods, priceless weaponry to gold bars and jewels are available.

Heavy-handed assaults and airstrikes are good choices, but so are sneak attacks or stealth strategies.

Also added, is a new operational base in the structure of a nuclear submarine in idle and now serves as a temporary residence.

The submarine also has a moon pool that makes room for the brand-new Kraken Avisa nautical explorer.

A new club has opened underneath the Diamond Casino in addition to the new island, grand heist, and pricey new automobiles.

James Bond-style submersible automobile, latest military boats, and a stealth helicopter are among the other vehicles.

The Music Locker includes real-life DJs & their sets that players can dance and listen to, much as the “After Hours” DLC.

Additionally, two new stations have indeed been added, and the songs for radio stations have been increased.

There are two options: Still Slipping (now broadcasting as a pirate in the Mirror Park neighborhood) and KULT FM.

The coverage of the pirate broadcast will be increased by installing antennas across the city, allowing you to access Still Slipping from any location.

Assault weaponry, character customization, and outfits from Civilist or MISBHV are further features.

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