Marvel’s Avengers Finally Launches Kate Bishop DLC

Marvel’s Avengers finally get some new content with the free Kate Bishop DLC after a rocky beginning a couple of months back.

The first DLC for the contentious superhero game is finally accessible after several delays.

The first free DLC featuring Kate Bishop, a.k.a. Hawkeye, is titled “Taking AIM” and introduces a fascinating new hero with amazing skills.

Kate Bishop’s narrative started when Maria Hill, the commander of a new SHIELD Outpost in the Pacific Northwest, leads The Avengers as they look into the Tachyon rifts revealed in an earlier update.

It turns out that Kate has been looking for Clint Barton, the first Hawkeye, ever since he vanished during A-Day.

Kate can teleport, fire multiple arrows, and participate in a blade fight using a Quantum Reactor.

Kate Bishop’s animations are well done, showing her pulling off chic attacks, acrobatic dodges and teleport leaps.

For instance, it can be entertaining to quick-hit an opponent before using a ground smash after teleporting over them.

As your opponents attempt to predict where you will next emerge from, teleporting seems to disorient them.

Although teleporting might be challenging at first, after you master it, you will eventually employ it often throughout the battle.

Bishop has incorporated some sarcasm into the game and is a great match for Tony Stark’s mockeries. The two often engage in sibling-like bickering.

You visit several different places due to the plot, exposing Kate to new opponents and gameplay elements.

Without giving anything away, I can say that Monica Rappaccini, Barton, and AIM are part of a plot.

After a well-crafted first assignment, Kate becomes a new member of the Avengers and even has her room on the Helicarrier.

Unfortunately, Kate’s career as an Avenger starts at both Power and Hero Level 1.

Because of her skills, I had anticipated this to be around 10, but I think it’s also reasonable that she starts at a new level.

Bishop’s powers, like any other hero, may be improved by acquiring Skill Points, and this amount rises quite rapidly just by using the character in the game.

When all of her talents have been enhanced, you have nothing but a very strong character as reputable as the other Avengers.

By completing the provided tasks, Kate’s incredible cosmetics may be unlocked through her Hero Card. Some of them are also sold in the Marketplace.

It’s a smart idea to choose Kate Bishop as the first DLC character since, at least for me, I wasn’t sure what to anticipate because I don’t know the character all that well.

The Crystal Dynamics team has produced a novel addition to the group that gives the gameplay a new depth.

Similar to Black Widow, Kate is a terrific character if you prefer close-quarters combat since she makes rapid, precise, and entertaining movements.

The first Marvel Avengers DLC may have taken a while to get out, but it was well worth the hype.

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