Over 5 Million (and counting) Copies of Ghost of Tsushima Sold 

Ghost of Tsushima sales has surpassed PlayStation records, with over 5 million units sold in less than 6 months since its debut.

Sucker Punch’s open-world Samurai game, which was ultimately launched in July 2020 after many delays, has been a big hit.

GoT smashed records last week after becoming a PlayStation 4 exclusive and is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Ghost of Tsushima will soon reach sales comparable to those of Doom, Hitman, and Spider-Man from Marvel.

Achieving 5 million copies in such a short period is incredible, especially considering that Ghost of Tsushima has already outsold The Last of Us Part 2 and Horizon: Zero Dawn in their first four months of release, both PS4 exclusives as well.

This game continues to sell well as we speak, and announcing a next-generation release will fuel further growth.

Additionally, it has been revealed that this game will use PS5 Gameboost and is fully backward compatible with PlayStation 5.

Ghost of Tsushima narrates the tale of Jin Sakai, a brave Samurai who struggles to retake the island of Tsushima during the first Mongol invasion of Japan.

The island of Tsushima serves as the major star of both the main campaign and the side storylines, both entertaining and conventional.

Since the Mongols have killed most of the island’s samurai, Jin must assemble an unlikely group of misfits and employ dirty tactics like stealth.

Besides the main plot, Ghost of Tsushima is very detailed and delightfully integrated with plenty of other activities to explore.

You can choose how quickly you finish the game and whether you accomplish side quests or simply roam about.

Japanese Samurai films greatly inspired the game’s aesthetic, particularly those by Akira Kurosawa. There is also a Kurosawa black and white option.

Fight scenes are complicated however the excitement is still there; and any errors are largely the player’s fault rather than the game’s.

Quick reflexes and exact timing are essential in this battle since even the tiniest error might be fatal.

These fighting situations are thrilling, particularly if you can execute maneuvers without being harmed by your opponents.

Even though the game is fantastic as it already is, gamers had hoped for a multiplayer feature to be included.

Each player may choose a class in the game’s co-op mode, Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, to defeat progressively more challenging foes.

Missions end in brutal boss confrontations that need exceptional skill from all participants.

GOT : Legends is a stand-alone narrative that focuses more on the mythological aspects of traditional Japanese culture, such as demons or slaying Yokai.

There is no reason not to try the multiplayer expansion since it is also free.

The story of this incredible Samurai game is genuinely thrilling, which makes it satisfactory enough for everyone to try.

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