Double Rewards Week on GTA Online

In light of the Double Rewards Week, GTA Online doubles R.P. & cash. Get twice as much money on various in-game modes and races, along with bonuses and discounts.

In GTA Online, this week’s update delivers double R.P. & cash for in-game modes, making it as “Double Rewards Week”:

In addition, another free, specially designed T-shirt may be claimed just by signing in, and the regular discounts are running at a whopping 50% this week.

GTA Online has some fantastic double-money bonuses this week, including the recent R.C. Bandito races.

R.C. Bandito Races

Get into your small racing cars and wreak havoc all over the county. This week, all 15 R.C. Bandito races offer double GTA, cash and R.P. payouts. 

Races in Target Assault

If armed vehicle mayhem is much more your style and you are either a superb driver or a fantastic marksman, join up and blast the targets while moving and thwarting attackers. Target Assault game modes offer double money.

Martin Madrazo

The Tony Montana of San Andreas is returning this week with additional contract-killing tasks and is prepared to pay twice as much.

For certain contracts, speak with Mr. Madrazo and complete them for some hard cash.

Attack and defense

Double your weekly income when you get some lowrider fun.

Offense Defense will pay double for anybody out of their minds to participate in this ludicrous game of automobile tag.

Free T-shirt from Didier Sachs

This week, a free and limited-edition Didier Sachs T-shirt is in stock.

You may get your free apparel by logging into GTA Online on or before April 3rd.

Although deals aren’t as generous, certain products, like the Grotti Turismo Classic and the Buzzard Attack Chopper can be yours for a whopping 50% off.

Discounts on aircraft

Hardly much, but some extremely good discounts at 50% for both Nagasaki Ultralight and Nagasaki Buzzard Attack Chopper.

Discount on Vehicles

This week, there aren’t many automobiles for sale either, but some of them are discounted.

Other Rebates

While 10-car garages are off for 50% this week, other several fantastic in-game products below are discounted for  40%. 40 percent off of brakes and handling (for both land and air vehicles); 40 percent off liveries for both land and air vehicles; 40 percent off turbo; 40% off of R.C. Bandito Lids; 40% off of Resprays; 40% off of Vertical Jump (for R.C. Bandito & Arena Vehicles).

For surpassing the par time set for the race in this week’s GTA Online time trial, players will get GTA Online cash and R.P.

This week’s GTA Online premium race will offer GTA Online cash for the top three finishers and 3x GTA Online R.P. regardless of your final finish place, which is wonderful news for racers.

Although this week wasn’t the greatest for discounts or new content, there were still plenty of ways to earn money:

Except for Martin Madrazo missions and R.C. Bandito Races, which have been overused since their inception as part of Arena War and the inclusion of 7 more ethnicities a few weeks ago, all these modes are earning double R.P. and cash this week. However, they aren’t the most enjoyable.

It would have been much nicer to have seen some double-money business chances.

However, this week there is a freebie in the shape of a Didier Sachs T-shirt. For some reason, Rockstar has been releasing a new T-shirt virtually every week for months now to expand the collection.

The Dewbauchee JB 700 and Grotti Turismo Classic, two of the game’s most costly cars, are between 30 and 50 percent off. There are also discounts on 10 car garages, which I will undoubtedly take advantage of when my car collection begins to expand.

Given that we normally get a lot of items on sale, the discount applied this week wasn’t the greatest. The discounted percentages, however, are far more than typical.

If you don’t have the time, think about getting some assistance. At CD Keys, experience the welcoming touch of Shark Card credit.

The official Rockstar Games Events website has all the information about the GTA Online events taking place this week.

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