PlayStation Plus: High-Caliber Games for Download, Free Of Charge

A heartbreaking month for P.S. Plus when we bid the Vita farewell, but not to worry, as two of the finest free games the service has ever offered for download.

I think this month’s free PlayStation Plus games are among the greatest the program has provided since it started.

The titles for this month’s PlayStation Plus subscription have been revealed for this March and will also be accessible beginning on March 5, 2019.

It was logical to assume that this would imply additional games each month for PlayStation 4 owners even if the service for PlayStation Vita & PlayStation 3 has now been officially discontinued. However, this hasn’t been the case; the update only includes one A.A.A. game and one indie game. Except for Christmas presents and other occasions, this will be how it is now – I’m quite certain and might even place a bet for it.

This isn’t all bad news, though, as only two games are still available for P.S. Plus subscribers on the PS4 this month. Still, they are of a higher calibre than usual, and given the A.A.A. title this month, you can download it for free even though it likely cost Sony a pretty penny.

The free games that P.S. Plus gives each month may sometimes be underwhelming, even though they technically come free with your PlayStation Network membership (let’s be honest, Sony could have made us pay for more.) Nevertheless, P.S. Plus is a fantastic service and this one’s a good steal.

They could be games I have already played and don’t feel the urge to replay, or they may not be in my chosen genre, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fantastic games.

This month is a bit unusual since I believe Sony picked titles for March 2019 that are a nice “all-arounder” choice:

The options shown here are great for several reasons:

A Mysterious Desolation: The Witness

Tetris, Candy Crush, and other puzzle games may come to mind first when you think of them. But if you give it some more thought, you could start to see that puzzle games can often be covered up in interesting ways, like in titles like The Room, Portal, and Unravel.

These games share the same intuitive and imaginative direction as a standard A.A.A. release. Still, they provide puzzle games in a subtle and not-overt manner, frequently hidden by lovely environments, inventive level designs, and vibrant characters.

The Witness is “that” game.

The Witness is the type of game I like playing after a long day at work since it is more of a subtle journey with some riddles. I like a warm cup of tea and some of my favorite biscuits while it is pouring outdoors. (Hey, that’s me and you can do you.) This game is available at any given time.

Similar to the puzzle games, The Witness has a vivid and fascinating backdrop in an almost beautifully crafted universe.

The Witness was created from the beginning to be a stunning and captivating puzzle game, drawing influence from the classic and seminal game Myst. The Witness was nominated for several awards but could not succeed due to stiff competition from titles like Inside and Unravel .

Though it did not get any significant recognitions, the game was praised by several prestigious game review websites:

I.G.N., Gamespot, and Destructoid all gave it a perfect score.

The player is encouraged to explore and eventually solve riddles to go on to another level of the game in an open-world environment locked by puzzles.

The island is divided into eleven different areas, all of which must be visited to reach the peak to the east of the island and mark the end of the narrative.

By the descriptions above, I mean that you could play these games without immediately realizing they are puzzle games.

For instance, Portal, an A.A.A. adaptation of a student game (Narbacular Drop) that used Valve’s Source engine from Half-Life 2, plays out like a typical F.P.S., with the exception that you have to consider your actions carefully, making it more appropriate to be grouped with other F.P.S. games like Half-Life itself than other common puzzle games.

The riddles, grid-style puzzles, are dispersed over the island. There are more than 650 to locate and solve, all of the varied levels, some of which are quite challenging, such as the optional puzzles known as The Challenge.

Introducing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is not necessary. The finest Call of Duty game in the series, this is regarded as one of the best first-person shooter games ever created.

The CoD: M.W. remastered edition of the game, which was gorgeously upgraded for contemporary technology, appeals to the most serious players. Even without the latest generation, the visuals are still rather impressive.

Fans of the series may now play their favorite edition on their new consoles alongside friends, thanks to the addition of all the amazing online capabilities, which I assume is what Activision was aiming for.

On the other hand, I had never heard of the game The Witness. Please don’t come at me; I simply don’t play puzzles or independent games too much.

However, after doing more research, I’ve learned that The Witness is well-liked by gamers, not simply puzzle or independent game lovers.

The game is highly regarded for its inventive gaming universe,stunning visuals, captivating setting, and gripping narrative. The game’s challenges are also not overly challenging /tough, making it flow more smoothly and entertaining than some puzzle games, rather than being fragmented and annoying.

Remastered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Let me explain why I enjoy this option, even though I know some of you may not agree with Call of Duty being among the games introduced to P.S. Plus this month.

Here are some information about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Remastered in case you are like me and don’t know much about Call of Duty.

Thus, this game is not simply some random, second-rate title that Sony merely plucked out of a hat. This month, they gave us an excellent game for free.

First, Activision is a typical video game industry behemoth and the publisher of CoD series.

They are similar to Electronic Arts and Ubisoft in that they are large, frightening, cruel, and fiercely protective of their intellectual property.

It is surprising to see such a game in this month’s schedule for this reason; suffice it to say, there would have undoubtedly been many legal wranglings, and Sony would have had to work hard and spend A LOT of money to be able to provide us with this game.

Second, while you may be alarmed by this, I have never played a Call of Duty game. IKR?

I have nothing against the series, Activision, or anybody else for that matter, at this point. It’s simply that I’ve grown tired of first-person shooter games over the years and now, I prefer to play third-person action games instead, such as G.T.A.,Uncharted,  Spider-Man, and Tomb Raider.

So, the fact that I will get this game for free, which is the remastered edition and widely regarded as the greatest CoD game available, is the reason I am delighted about this. I mean, why not?As a matter of fact, when I finish this post, I’m going to download it.

After Call of Duty 3, this was the first game in the series to concentrate on contemporary warfare rather than the series’ customary World War II setting. It was released in 2007 for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox One.

As the historical scenario was substituted with a contemporary one, more akin to a movie than a war simulator, the transition from World War II to contemporary conflict ideals fitted itself to a more sophisticated game design and attracted a new generation of gamers to the franchise.

This gave the creators the chance to construct their world and, eventually, their universe that the series has now become because of the new and, more crucially, fictitious setting.

As you battle to rid the globe of an Ultra-nationalist menace in 2011, you may command various characters from the British Special Air Service (S.A.S.) and United States Marines. These characters are spread throughout many locations, including Russia, UK, and the Middle East.

Ten years later, Activision decided to release a remastered edition. You may think that would be a yawn, but critics and reviewers from well-known gaming websites like Hardcore Gamer, I.G.N., and Destructoid expressed their unique perspectives on how it felt to be reminded of how fantastic this game was:

The graphic quality of games had substantially increased in the 10 years between the two releases, and there were notable distinctions between the two eras.

The game was completely rebuilt by Raven Software using resources offered by the game’s creator Infinity Ward. Therefore it may theoretically be categorized as a “revision” rather than a “remaster” because of all these enhancements and many more.

All of the legendary multiplayer levels that were so well-known and adored by fans of the original are also included in the remastered version.

However, the Variety Pack—which contains more maps—is not a part of the remaster and must be bought separately from the PlayStation Store.

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