Anguished Isle Guide Lost Ark

Where is Anguished Isle?

Anguished Isle is located in the Sea or Aira, southeast of Punika and northeast of Yorn in Lost Ark. The island has a Recommended Item Level of 1100, and the Admission Period is Always. You can find six Mokoko Seeds and an Island Soul on Anguished Isle.

Thick fog and an island full of grief. The sound of a mad woman’s laughter echoes all over the island.

How to Get the Anguished Isle Soul?

The Anguished Isle Soul is an RNG drop reward for defeating Stella – a dungeon boss located at the end of the dungeon called Garden of Despair.

To get to the Garden of Despair, you must progress in the island’s quest line and acquire an item called the Garden of Despair Key, which will grant you access to the dungeon.

Once inside the Garden of Despair, run through the dungeon as you would any other dungeon in the game. Defeat all the enemies in the dungeon, then make your way to the end of the dungeon where Stella resides.

However, because the Anguished Isle Soul is an RNG drop, you might have to come back, run through the dungeon again, and defeat Stella a few more times before the Anguished Isle Soul drops for you.

Aside from the Anguished Isle Soul, you can also get the Omnium Star #6 from Stella, and you can expect to find an NPC where you can exchange the currency you have collected from the Garden of Despair.

Anguished Isle Mokoko Seeds Locations

The Anguished Isle Soul and Omnium Star #6 aren’t the only collectibles on Anguished Isle – there are also six Mokoko Seeds spread around the island and the Garden of Despair.

Anguished Isle Mokoko Seeds

There are three Mokoko Seeds on Anguished Isle. The first two Mokoko Seeds are easy to collect, with one just sitting in the open and the other hidden in a room.

The third Mokoko Seed, however, will require the Forests’ Minuet, so make sure you have the Sheet Music ready before you go on a Mokoko Seed hunt. Check out the map below and find all three Mokoko Seeds on Anguished Isle.

Garden of Despair Mokoko Seeds

After you’ve collected all three Mokoko Seeds on Anguished Isle, you can start hunting for the other three Mokoko Seeds in the Garden of Despair.

None of the Mokoko Seeds here will require Sheet Music like the Forests’ Minuet or the Song of Resonance, but you’ll need to cheese the boss to access one of the three Mokoko Seeds. Refer to the image below to find the first two Mokoko Seeds.

Mokoko Seed #3 in the Garden of Despair is behind a breakable rock. Unfortunately, the only way to break the rock is to bait Stella’s exploding clowns onto the rock. Walk next to the clowns to draw them, then walk next to the rock to destroy it. Inside is Mokoko Seed #3.

Anguished Isle Quests and Rewards

Anguished Isle features a main questline as well as a repeatable quest where you can get valuable currency such as Silver and Crimson Skein. The latter is particularly useful, as you can exchange these for valuable items at the island NPC.

Quests and Rewards

  • To The Anguished Isle (Militia Member) – Silver x4,810
  • Assisting the Isle’s Militia (Militia Member) – Silver x5,420
  • Usual Mayhem (Danyu) – Silver x5,720
  • The Kidnapped People (Danyu) – Garden of Despair Key, Silver x6,320
  • The Anguished Isle’s Secret (Danyu) – Crimson Skein x500, Silver x6,620
  • [Repeatable Quest] May The Find Peace (Danyu) – Garden of Despair Key, Crimson Skein x150
  • [Hidden Quest] A Lost Belonging (Rusty Necklace) – Crimson Skein x300, Silver x7,720


Anguished Isle is one of the most content-rich islands in Lost Ark, featuring a Dungeon, Island Soul, Mokoko Seeds, collectibles, and multiple quests with many exciting rewards. You’ll be spending many hours on the island, even after you complete the island’s main quests, as there is a worthwhile repeatable quest on the island where you can earn currency that you can exchange at the island NPC.

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