What is the Cube in Lost Ark

What is the Cube in Lost Ark?

The Cube is a unique dungeon-like event in Lost Ark, where you progress from one floor to the next while navigating through a unique set of effects that will make each run excitingly challenging.

There are up to 50 floors to clear in the Cube, and each floor will have at least one random Floor Effect. Floor Effects can be Positive or Negative, depending on the floor you’re currently on. Check the upper right corner of your screen to view active Floor Effects on your current floor.

Negative Effects will significantly affect the way you play each floor, as you’ll be forced to find a way to work around these effects and complete each floor’s objectives. It’s not all bad news, as some floors will feature Positive Effects, which can help you clear the floor faster.

Where to Find the Cube and How to Participate in Cube

You can find the Cube in any major city in Lost Ark. Look for a cube icon in the World Map to find the Cube in your city.

Before you can participate in the Cube, however, you must first unlock the event by acquiring an item called Entrance Ticket: Cube and completing the [Guide] Public Announcement: Cube Guide Quest. You will need the same Entrance Ticket each time you go on a Cube run. Fortunately, you can easily acquire these Entrance Tickets by completing your daily Chaos Dungeon runs.

Cube Rewards

The primary rewards for completing the Cube in Lost Ark are Cube Chests of various rarities. These chests can carry Silver, Eternity Essence, and various Engraving Recipes.

  • Cube Bronze Chest
  • Cube Silver Chest
  • Cube Gold Chest
  • Cube Platinum Chest
  • Cube Diamond Chest

The Cube Chest reward you get in the Cube depends on how many consecutive floors you’re able to complete before failing or quitting the Cube run.

You can get your first Cube Chest (Bronze Chest) after you complete Floor 3, the second Chest (Silver Chest) on Floor 7, the third Chest (Gold Chest) on Floor 10, the fourth Chest (Platinum Chest) on Floor 13, and the final Chest (Diamond Chest) on Floor 15+.

Is the Cube worth doing in Lost Ark?

If you’re bored and are looking to complete extra daily content in Lost Ark, then the Cube might be worth your while. Cube floors are fun and challenging, and clearing a number of these floors will net you decent rewards such as Engravings and Silver.

Unfortunately, the Cube can be a bit limiting to some players, as you’re required to have Entrance Tickets to enter this event. The effort required to acquire the Entrance Tickets might not be worth the hassle for some players.


PvE content in Lost Ark can become very repetitive, as many endgame raids involve assembling a party and running through a dungeon, defeating mobs, and working together to beat a boss. The Cube is a breath of fresh air in this regard, as the event’s unique mechanics ensure you’ll get a fresh experience as you clear one floor to the next.

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