Rage Hammer or Gravity Training Lost Ark

What is Rage Hammer and Gravity Training?

Rage Hammer and Gravity Training are two builds for the Destroyer class in Lost Ark. The build you pick between these options will heavily influence how you play your character in PvE content such as Raids.

Rage Hammer is a Gravity Release Skill-centric build with high survivability, big damage, push immunity, and Stagger and Weak Point capability. On the other hand, Gravity Training focuses on the Destroyer class’ Hyper Gravity Mode and features good survivability, even bigger damage, and push/status immunity.

Is Rage Hammer or Gravity Training better?

Character Builds in Lost Ark are purely a matter of preference, so the choice between Rage Hammer or Gravity Training depends on how you want to play your character and your role. With that said, there are subtle differences between these two builds that will sway you over to one side versus the other and help you decide which one to go with on your Destroyer.

Pick Rage Hammer if you like playing around with your purple skills (Gravity Release). Rage Hammer’s gameplay revolves around collecting Gravity Cores and dealing consistent damage with said purple skills. Compared to Gravity Training, Rage Hammer offers a more straightforward gameplay with manageable skill rotations, making it easy to play.

Gravity Training, on the other hand, focuses on dealing with big DPS through Hypergravity. Unfortunately, Hypergravity is very difficult to time and, therefore not as consistent as Rage Hammer when dealing damage. With that said, Gravity Training is arguably easier to build, offers more shields, and has faster movement compared to Rage Hammer.

Both builds offer great survivability, so you shouldn’t have any problems tanking damage in raids. The main difference between these two builds is how damage is dished out to enemies, with Rage Hammer offering a more consistent albeit lower DPS than Gravity Training. Gravity Training offers a higher DPS ceiling than RH but requires better timing and deep knowledge about boss mechanics to land Hypergravity successfully.

Is the Destroyer a good class in Lost Ark?

The Destroyer is a good class in Lost Ark, combining high DPS potential in a very tanky package. A high-level Destroyer is one of the few classes in the game that can make you feel invincible with its ability to withstand even the most powerful boss attacks while dealing boss-like damage as well.

With that said, a Destroyer requires good timing, knowledge of boss mechanics/attacks, and great positioning to play well. Without these, the Destroyer’s powerful attacks won’t mean a thing, as you won’t be able to land them consistently on enemies.

What is the hardest-hitting class in Lost Ark?

The Destroyer is arguably the hardest-hitting class in Lost Ark in terms of single-attack damage output. The Rage Hammer’s Perfect Swing can deal a boatload of damage but has a long cooldown and is difficult to time perfectly.

Other hard-hitting classes in Lost Ark include Deathblade, Striker, Scrapper, and Sorcerer.


The Destroyer is a formidable class that offers high survivability and insane DPS in Lost Ark. Regardless of whether you pick Rage Hammer or Gravity Training, the Destroyer will make quick work of any dungeon or raid in the game with its insane DPS. It all comes down to how you want to deal damage and which build gives you the most enjoyment when playing.

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