Phantom Palace Chess Chamber Puzzle Solution in Lost Ark

Where is Phantom Palace?

Phantom Palace is a dungeon in Elzowin’s Shade in the Rohendel region in Lost Ark. You can find this dungeon in the northwestern end of Elzowin’s Shade, near the Forgotten Landing.

You’re likely coming from Rothun if it’s your first time in Elzowin’s Shade. In this case, you’ll have no choice but to follow the main pathway and travel north towards the East Stardust Forest. Once at East Stardust Forest, travel to Elzowin’s Embrace, then head west to the Forgotten Landing. Use the platform at the Forgotten Landing to arrive at Phantom Palace.

How to Solve the Chess Chamber Puzzle in Phantom Palace

When you enter the Phantom Palace, you will encounter a Chess Chamber with a giant chessboard puzzle you must solve to progress in the dungeon. There are three unique chess puzzles in the Chess Chamber, all of which will require you to move chess pieces around to make both halves of the chessboard mirror itself.

In the first Chess Chamber, you must move the White Rook to its appropriate spot at the bottom of the board. Pick up the White Rook, then place it in the spot between the two White Pawns at the bottom of the chessboard. After you solve this puzzle, a portal should open that leads to a Phantom Arena, where you’ll fight mobs and a boss. Clear the area and proceed to the next Chess Chamber.

In the second Chess Chamber, you must move the White Knight to a spot that mirrors the Black Knight’s position on the chessboard. Pick up the White Knight chess piece outside the chess board and move it to the appropriate spot on the left side of the chess board. Once you’ve solved this puzzle, another portal that leads to the next Phantom Arena will be available. Like the one before it, clear the arena to unlock the final chess chamber.

In the third and final chamber, you must move two chess pieces to complete the puzzle – a Pawn and a Queen. Place the Queen in the space one tile away from the rightmost rook on the chessboard. After which, take the Pawn and move it next to the opposing Pawn piece in the middle of the chessboard.

There are only three Chess Chambers to worry about in the Phantom Palace. After you solve all three, you will face off against the Phantom Legion Queen. Defeat the Queen to complete the Phantom Palace in Lost Ark.

Phantom Palace Rewards

The reward you’ll get for clearing the Phantom Palace depends on the difficulty you choose to start the dungeon run. Expect to get Destruction Stones in the Normal Difficulty and Harmony Shards in the Hard Difficulty.

Complete the Phantom Palace with Normal difficulty to get the Phantom Palace Normal Cleared Reward. On the other hand, clearing the Phantom Palace with Hard difficulty will net you the Phantom Palace Hard Cleared Reward.

What is the Phantom Palace about?

The Phantom Palace is an artificial space created by Brelshaza – commander of the Phantom Legion and one of Kazeros’ Legion Commanders. A master of demonic sorcery, Brelshaza created a magical palace that exists in a completely different dimension.

Your goal in the Phantom Palace is to clear the palace of all demons and eventually find and kill Brelshaza. Doing so will dispel Brelshaza’s dream magick and keep Rohendel and the Ark safe.


The Chess Chamber Puzzle in the Phantom Palace might seem impossible to solve at first glance, but it is actually very simple when you figure out what you’re required to do. Just remember to try and make the chess pieces mirror one another, and you should easily be able to solve all three Chess Chambers without a problem.

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