Locations of All Aquilok’s Head Mokoko Seeds

Where is Aquilok’s Head?

Aquilok’s Head is a dungeon located in Ankumo Mountain in Rethramis. You will encounter this dungeon as you go through the main storyline and receive the quest called ‘Source of the Infection’.

You can enter Aquilok’s Head alone or with a full party of 4 players as soon as your character reaches Item Level 60. Aquilok’s Head is best known as the area that holds the 499-year-old Mera Wine and some Mokoko Seeds.

Where are all the Mokoko Seeds in Aquilok’s Head?

You will find the first and second Mokoko Seed in a secret location in the dungeon. Access the lever in a dead-end north of the giant cart you destroyed to unlock the secret entrance.

Drop down the cliff to access the secret area, and hidden within are Mokoko Seeds 1 and 2. You’ll also find the 499-year-old Mera Wine in the same area, so it might be worth looking around for that as well.

The third Mokoko Seed can be found at a dead end just before you make the right turn toward the main pathway in the dungeon.

Mokoko Seed number four can be found next to a giant skeleton in the middle part of the map.

The fifth and sixth Mokoko Seeds can be found behind a breakable wall in a dead-end northeast of Mokoko Seed number 4.

How many Mokoko Seeds are in Aquilok’s Head?

There are six Mokoko Seeds in Aquilok’s Head, four of which are hidden beyond the immediate map area and requires you to find a secret lever and breakable wall. You can find the rest of the Mokoko Seeds within Aquilok’s Head in dead-ends in the dungeon.

The Mokoko Seeds you collect from Aquilok’s Head are just six of the 37 Mokoko Seeds in the Yudia region in Lost Ark, and 1,250 you can collect from the entire game.

Where do you spend Mokoko Seeds?

You can spend the Mokoko Seeds you have collected by talking to Totoma in Mokoko Village in the Tortoyk region in Lost Ark. You can get Stronghold Crew Application Forms, Stat Increase Potions, Ship Blueprints, and other exciting rewards for your Mokoko Seeds.

There are up to 1,250 Mokoko Seeds that you can collect in Lost Ark. Most areas and dungeons will have a few of these seeds laying around, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for those collectible sprouts.


It is easy to miss 4 of the 6 Mokoko Seeds in Aquilok’s Head since these are hidden behind a secret area and a breakable wall. Refer to the guide above to find the secret lever and the breakable wall locations and collect all the Mokoko Seeds in Aquilok’s Head.

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