Where to Find the Toxiclaw Cavern Mokoko Seeds

What are Mokoko Seeds for in Lost Ark?

You can think of Mokoko Seeds as Lost Ark’s version of an Easter Egg. There are Mokoko Seeds hidden throughout various regions in Arkesia, and it’s up to you to find and collect them and exchange them for exciting rewards.

You will want to start collecting Mokoko Seeds as early as the Prideholm Arc of the main storyline, as there are up to 1,235 Mokoko Seeds throughout Arkesia. Collect all the Mokoko Seeds and exchange them for rewards at Village Chief’s home in Mokoko Village.

How many Mokoko Seeds are in Toxiclaw Cavern?

There are 1,235 Mokoko Seeds to collect in Lost Ark. 6 are hidden in the Toxiclaw Cavern in Loghill.

Head to the Toxiclaw Cavern in Loghill and start searching for Mokoko Seeds as soon as you complete the first jump. It is very easy to miss the Mokoko Seeds hidden in various spots around the cavern since you’ll probably be busy clearing out and dealing with the bandits in the cavern.

All Toxiclaw Cavern Mokoko Seeds Location

You will find the first Mokoko Seed just after the first jump. Look for an old cart – next to it will be the first Mokoko Seed.

Mokoko Seeds 2 and 3 are located close to one another at the dead end towards the right side of the map. Mokoko Seeds 2 and 3 are just sitting in the open along the edge of the entire corner. Follow the rightmost boundary to find Mokoko Seeds 2 and 3.

The fourth Mokoko Seed can be spotted after you climb up the ladder. The Mokoko Seed is located within the small camp with treasure scattered on the floor. Look for the paintings on the floor and towards the left. You’ll find the fourth Mokoko Seed just above the campfire.

The fifth Mokoko Seed is located at a dead end just above the fourth Mokoko Seed. Like in the previous Mokoko Seed, look for old paintings, and toward the left next to the vases will be the fifth Mokoko Seed.

The last Mokoko Seed can be found just after you cross the barricade heading east. Search for old broken-down pillars to find the fifth Mokoko Seed.

Is it worth getting all Mokoko Seeds?

Yes, collecting all 1,235 Mokoko Seeds are worth it, as you can exchange these for various rewards from the Mokoko Village head chief Mokamoka.

Some of the most notable rewards are Stat Increase Potion, Stronghold Crew Application Forms, Ship Model, and Crew Application Form. You’ll need at least 250 Mokoko Seeds to get your first Crew Application Form that will get you Cororico and over 1000 Mokoko Seeds to get the Ship Model: Blooming Caravel.


It is very easy to miss the six Mokoko Seeds scattered around the Toxiclaw Carvern in Loghill since you’ll be busy taking care of the numerous bandits that inhabit the area. Clear out the bandits and then check the Mokoko Seed locations for all six Mokoko Seeds in the section above to find all six Mokoko Seeds in the cavern.

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