How to Use the Gunlancer’s Surge Cannon in Lost Ark

What is Surge Cannon in Lost Ark?

Surge Cannon is a Gunlancer skill that deals variable damage relative to how long you charge the skill before firing it. Surge Cannon is one of the last skills you’ll unlock for the Gunlancer class in Lost Ark as it is only available at Level 50.

At Level 1, Surge Cannon features base damage of 385 when not fully compressed before firing. At full compression, however, Surge Cannon can deal up to 770 damage at the cost of 114 MP. Surge Cannon can also push enemies away or knock them back depending on how long you charge the skill before firing.

Surge Cannon Tripods

Like most skills in Lost Ark, Surge Cannon features tripods that can further increase Surge Cannon’s damage output or change its attack characteristics.

Tripod Level 1

  • Piercing Shot – Ignores enemy defense by 70% on hit.
  • Scatter Shot – Shoots iron pellets in all four directions. Removes the knockback effect but now deals +60% more damage to lesser enemies at a 20% broader area.
  • High Explosive Shot – Adds an extra cannonball that travels 2 meters forward and causes a circular explosion. Inflicts Weak Point Level 1 effect at deals +100% Damage to enemies.

Tripod Level 2

  • Precise Shelling – Increases Perfect Zone damage by +75% at the cost of reduced Perfect Zone size.
  • Confirmed Attack – Changes to Normal mode and shortens the time required to reach Perfect Zone
  • Overcharge – Increases Overcharge damage by +100%.

Tripod Level 3

  • Rotating Bombardment – Spin 360 degrees and release 4 bombardments. Cooldown reduced by 2 seconds per enemy hit. Max of 21 seconds.
  • Focus Fire – Bombard enemies in front 4 times in a row. Increases total damage by +83%.

How does Surge Cannon work in Lost Ark?

Surge Cannon is a Holding skill, which means you’ll want to activate and charge the skill to max to deal the most damage. The skill features Paralysis Immunity Super Armor, making it a powerful skill that gives the Gunlancer tons of burst damage potential without the risk of getting staggered while charging.

After charging Surge Cannon, the Gunlancer will release a quick succession of burst energy from his weapon, dealing damage and pushing foes away on impact.

How to use Surge Cannon

Surge Cannon is a Frontal Attack skill, which means you’ll need to face your target and make sure they stay in front of you while you compress Surge Cannon. Because of Surge Cannon’s holding mechanic, you might need to release Surge Cannon earlier for less damage or risk dealing no damage to enemies at all.

Walk up to enemies and bosses with your shields up to ensure you won’t get staggered while charging Surge Cannon. Take advantage of Surge Cannon’s Paralysis Immunity to deal max damage to enemies and bosses with the skill.

How to get Surge Cannon in Lost Ark?

Go to Trixion and talk to Beatrice as soon as you reach Level 50 on your character in Lost Ark. After which, check your inventory for a purple Engraving-style book, then right-click on the book to get Surge Cannon for your Gunlancer.

You can get to Trixion by pressing F2 on your keyboard and playing the Song of Trixion. This will teleport you to Trixion instantly where you will find Beatrice.


Surge Cannon is one of the Gunlancer class’ most powerful DPS skills. While the Gunlancer certainly isn’t lacking in damage output, Surge Cannon can turn the tanky class into an unstoppable Juggernaut with its high-damage output and knockback effect.

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