How to Use the Precise Dagger in Lost Ark

What is the Precise Dagger for in Lost Ark

The Precise Dagger is a combat engraving in Lost Ark that improves the Crit Rate for characters with relatively low base Crit stats at the cost of Crit Damage reduction.

The Precise Dagger increases Crit Rates by +4%, 10%, and 20% at the cost of -12% Crit Damage. This engraving is worth using on characters that do not have good crit rates but have relatively high Crit Damage stats. Precise Dagger basically trades your character’s extra Crit Damage for improved Crit procs.

Is the Precise Dagger worth it in Lost Ark?

The Precise Dagger is great for classes that do not have a good Crit Rate stat, to begin with. Precise Dagger will increase the frequency of Crit procs at the cost of lower Crit Damage.

If you’re not keen on trading Critical Damage for Critical Hit rate, remember that Precision Dagger’s Crit Damage penalty is the same across the board (-12%). Meanwhile, you increase your Crit Rate by up to 20% at Level 3, essentially allowing you to deal more Crit Damage over time. Check out the Efficiency Table below to get a better idea about the damage tradeoff.

At Level 3, Precise Dagger provides the following bonuses:

  • 18% bonus damage at 0% Crit Rate
  • 15% bonus damage at a 10% Crit Rate
  • 10% bonus damage at a 35% Crit Rate
  • 4% bonus damage at an 80% Crit Rate

As you get higher Crit Rates, Precise Dagger will only give 4% bonus damage yet allow you to inflict that 4% bonus damage 80% of the time. At 0% Crit Rate, you only get a flat 18% bonus damage buff.

As mentioned above, the Precise Dagger offers increased damage the lower your character’s Crit Rate is, making it great for classes that naturally have a low Crit Rate stat.

How to get the Precise Dagger in Lost Ark

To get the Precise Dagger in Lost Ark you need to read 20 Precise Dagger Engraving Recipes (Uncommon). This will unlock Precise Dagger Level 1. To unlock the next levels, you need to read Precise Dagger Engraving Recipes (Rare, Epic, Legendary) in ascending order. You need 20 Engraving Recipes for each tier to unlock a higher-level Precise Dagger

How to use the Precise Dagger in Lost Ark

Once you have Precise Dagger unlocked, you can drag the icon from the Learned Engravings tab toward the available engravings slots on your character menu. This will equip Precise Dagger and allow you to start using the engraving’s bonuses.

You will get more bonus damage as your character’s Crit Rate drops and you’ll get less damage bonus as your character’s Crit Rate rises.


The Precise Dagger is a great engraving that will give your character increased Crit Rates at the cost of some Crit Damage. Some characters, such as the Sorcerer, can accommodate this tradeoff well as these classes naturally have high Crit Damage. On the flip side, Precise Dagger can also greatly increase Crit Rates for classes that have low base Crit Damage, allowing them to proc Crits more often.

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