Cash Shop Guide Lost Ark

What is the Cash Shop?

The Cash Shop, also known as the Lost Ark Shop, is the primary hub for in-game purchases using real money in Lost Ark. Almost every item in the Lost Ark Shop can only be bought using Crystals – a currency that you can only acquire by spending real money first, hence the name Cash Shop.

There are a variety of items for sale in the Lost Ark Cash Shop, such as Chests, Bundles, Skins, and Subscriptions. While many of these items are optional and aren’t essential to completing Lost Ark’s main storyline, there are a select few items worth spending money on, which we will go through in the section below.

How to Find the Cash Shop in Lost Ark

You won’t find the Lost Ark Cash Shop anywhere in-game – unlike Merchant NPCs scattered around Arkesia. The Cash Shop menu is integrated into Lost Ark’s menu system, which means you can access the shop easily through the Store icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Alternatively, you can also press F4 on your keyboard or press ESC and click on the Shop icon in the ESC menu to access the Cash Shop in Lost Ark.

What items are worth buying in Lost Ark’s Cash Shop?

Cash Shop items are bought using real money, so it’s best you slow down and purchase items that provide the most benefit to your playthrough. Below are some of the best value items in Lost Ark’s Cash Shop.

  • Character Slot Extension – increases alt character count. Great for adding an extra alt for farming Gold and other Roster-wide materials.
  • Epic Avatar Set – Epic Avatar Sets give 4% bonus stats.
  • Extra Pets – Additional pets can be used to carry buffs for extra stat bonuses.
  • Ship Skin – Ship Skins provide bonus abilities and stats to ships in Lost Ark.
  • Ark Pass/Battlepass – get bonus rewards by simply playing the game.

Does Lost Ark have in-game purchases?

Like many modern free-to-play online games, Lost Ark also features in-game purchases, more commonly referred to these days as microtransactions. Some items you can purchase using real money in Lost Ark include Skins, Subscriptions, and Bundles, among many other items in the Cash Shop.

Luckily, Smilegate and Amazon Games made sure most of these in-game purchases were done through the Cash Shop to avoid pay-to-win mechanics in Lost Ark. You can enjoy Lost Ark without spending a dime, as grinding through the game’s content will net you your fair share of storyline currencies which you can then use to purchase gear and other items.


The Cash Shop carries a wide variety of items that you can purchase using real money in Lost Ark. While most of the items sold in the Cash Shop, such as Skins and Mounts, offer no competitive benefit, there are a select few items that are worth purchasing that can help make your journey through Arkesia just a bit more manageable.

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