Tier 2 Islands and Rewards in Lost Ark

What are Tier 2 Islands?

Tier 2 Islands are islands in Lost Ark with Recommended Item Levels between 802 and 1100. You can check if an island is a Tier 2 by hovering your mouse on random islands on the World Map and checking the Recommended Item Level in the island description.

These islands are called Tier 2 islands because they require players to have at least Tier 2 Item Levels to complete island content successfully. The rewards you can get for completing Tier 2 island quests also give out Tier 2 upgrade materials and help push your character closer to Tier 3.

All Tier 2 Islands and Rewards in Lost Ark

Below is a full list of Tier 2 Islands and the rewards you can expect to get for completing all the quests found on these islands.

  • Anguished Isle
    • Anguished Isle Token
    • Omnium Star #6
    • Overwhelm Rune
    • T2 Gem Chest (Lv 3)
    • T3 Gem Chest (Lv 3)
    • Life Leapstone Chest
    • Honor Leap Stone Chest
    • Uncommon Engraving REcipe Chest (Class Exclusive)
    • Rare Engraving Recipe Chest (Class Exclusive)
    • Epic Engraving Recipe Chest (Class Exclusive)
    • Legendary Engraving REcipe Chest (Class Exclusive)
    • Hollowfruit
    • Crimson Skein x950
  • Azure Wind Island
    • Azure Wind Island Token
    • 11th Giant’s Heart
    • Stat Increase Potion
    • Emote: Whistle
    • Courage Potion
    • Charisma Potion
    • Wisdom Potion
    • Kindness Potion
    • Splendid Destruction Stone Chest x98
    • Splendid Guardian Stone Chest x1238
    • Lavish Life Leapstone Chest x8
    • Splendid Life Shard Chest (M) x25
    • Life Shard Pouch (M) x3
    • Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Pouch x3
    • Azure Wind Crystal
    • Mount: Wind Mane Mustang
    • Mount: Cloud Steed
  • Eternity Isle
    • Eternity Isle Token
    • Stat increase Potion
    • Vitality Increase Potion
    • Judgement Rune
    • Uncommon Battle Engraving REcipe Selection Pouch x12
    • Rare Battle Engraving REcipe Selection Pouch x6
    • Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive) x3
    • Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack x8
    • Creation Fragment x4
    • Entrance Ticket: Secret Laboratory
    • Mari Card
    • Pirate Coin x15,000
    • Gold x1,000
  • Illusion Bamboo Island
    • Illusion Bamboo Island Soul
    • Destruction Stone Crystal (Bound) x80
    • Guardian Stone Crystal (Bound) x250
    • Honor Leapstone (Bound) x35
    • Solar Blessing (Bound) x5
    • Solar Protection (Bound) x2
  • Island of Mist
    • Island of Mist Token
    • Chest of Mist
    • Uncommon Engraving Reicpe Chest x6
    • Rare Engraving REcipe Chest (Class Exlucisve ) x3
    • Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack x5
    • High Seas Coin Chest x7
    • Crew Application Form: Dark Specter Biliad
    • Crew Application Form: Blackfang
    • Crew Application Form: Pupuring
    • Crew Application Form: Hwarin
    • Pirate Coin x10,000
    • Courage +1
    • Kindness +1
  • Isteri
    • Isteri Island Soul
    • Someone’s Letter
    • Kadan Card
    • Protection
    • Destruction Stone Crystal (Bound) x1,100
    • Guardian Stone Crystal (Bound) x400
    • Solar Grace (Bound) x5
    • Solar Blessing (Bound) x3
    • Solar Protection (Bound) x1
  • Metus Island
    • The Metus Islands Token
    • Werner’s Grand Manor Conqueror’s Chest
    • Emote: Fear
    • Uncommon Engraving Recipe Chest x2
    • Epic Rapport Chest x3
    • Pirate Coin x2,000
    • Courage +3
  • Naruni Island
    • Naruni Island Token
    • Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x6
    • Uncommon Engraving REcipe Chest 3
    • Epic Rapport Chest x3
  • Niheltalop’s Thoughts
    • Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest Class Exclusive) x2
    • Pirate Coin x6,000
  • Orvis Island
    • Orvis Island Token
    • Stat Increase Potion
    • Vitality Increase Potion
    • Expertise Potion
    • High Seas Coin Chest x3
    • Creation Fragment x2
    • Crafting Recipe: Pumpkin Scarecrow
    • Courage +1
  • Shadowmoon Market
    • Shadowmoon Market Island token
    • 12th Giant’s Heart
    • Luxurious Wealth Chest
    • Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x36
    • Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive) x9
    • Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack x24
    • Epic Rapport Chest x18
    • Creation Fragment x30
    • Gold x300
  • Tooki Corporation
    • Tooki Corporation Island Token
    • Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack x5
    • Epic Rapport Chest x3
    • Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x6
    • High Seas Coin Chest x16
    • Pirate Coin 10,000
    • Gold 1,600
  • Whispering Islet
    • Whispering Islet Token
    • 14th Giant’s Heart
    • Stat Increase Potion
    • Nineveh Card
    • Life Shard x2,235
  • Wildwater Island
    • Wildwater Island Token

Best Islands to Farm Tier 2 Materials in Lost Ark

The islands listed below are the best islands to farm Tier 2 materials in Lost Ark. These islands are rich in upgrade materials such as Stone Fragments, Shards, and Engraving Recipes, and feature quick and easy island questlines that you can complete quickly.

  • Aiwana Island
  • Liebeheim Island
  • Fomona Island
  • Azure Wind Island
  • Distorted Island
  • Hypnos’s Eyes
  • Gravis

Are Tier 2 Islands important?

Tier 2 islands are not just important, they are mandatory in progressing through Lost Ark’s storyline. There are 14 Tier 2 Islands in Lost Ark, with each island featuring a unique set of quests, challenges, and rewards.

These islands become available after you complete all the Tier 1 quests from Tier 1 islands and offer new quests and rewards that can help push your character to the next Tier.


Tier 2 Islands are some of the most content-rich islands in Lost Ark, featuring multiple questlines and a plethora of rewards that you can use to make your character even stronger for future content. Refer to the list above to learn all the rewards you can expect to get from each Tier 2 Island in Lost Ark.

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