Can I Transfer My Character To Another Server

Can I transfer servers in Lost Ark?

Unfortunately, server transfer is currently not possible in Lost Ark, so there is no way for players to move their rosters from one server to another while preserving their progress.

Not having server transfer is definitely a problem, especially for players who want to join their friends in their journey across Arkesia. Nevertheless, there is content that players from different servers can enjoy together, which we have listed in the section below.

What will happen to my progress if I transfer to another server?

All progress you made on your current server will not carry over to a new server, which means you’ll have to start from scratch if you’re really intent on moving to a new server in Lost Ark.

You can easily swap servers by choosing a new server in the server select menu, but you’ll have to create a new character on that new server and start a new adventure on the same character as well.

Will Server Transfer be added in the future?

Smilegate and Amazon Games might not have any plans of adding Server Transfer to Lost Ark. There is no official news about the feature from the devs, but they have mentioned the possibility of adding the option in the future, albeit without an official ETA.

With that said, the devs have briefly offered a server transfer for Korea but removed the feature soon after. The same trial was never made for the EU, NA, or Latin American servers.

What game modes can I play with friends cross-server?

If you have a friend on a different server you want to play Lost Ark with, you can still play the following content with them:

  • Raid
  • Cube
  • Dungeon
  • PvP Arena
  • Boss Rush
  • Platinum Fields
  • Auction House

The list of cross-server content is admittedly limited, but having the ability to play with your friends cross-server in some fun content such as Raids and Dungeons beats starting from scratch and playing through the entire storyline again. It’s not ideal, but it allows you to still play Lost Ark with your friends.


Server Transfer is one of the most requested features for Lost Ark, and many players are looking to migrate their characters and progress to more active servers in the game. Unfortunately, the feature does not exist in Lost Ark right now, so players will have to settle for cross-server content such as Raid, Cube, Dungeon, Boss Rush, and PvP Arena.

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