Locations of All Stormcry Grotto Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark

Where is Stormcry Grotto?

Stormcry Grotto is a dungeon in the Croconys Seashore in East Luterra. You can get to this dungeon by teleporting to the Stormcry Grotto Triport just south of the Stormcry Grotto dungeon entrance.

The Stormcry Grotto is a dungeon that you’ll eventually have to clear as the dungeon is part of a questline that involves rescuing Blackfang’s crew. You can collect 12 Mokoko Seeds in this dungeon.

Stormcry Grotto Mokoko Seeds

There are twelve Mokoko Seeds in Stormcry Grotto, all of which you can obtain without Sheet Music, such as the Song of Resonance or Forest’s Minuet. Still, some Mokoko Seeds in Stormcry Grotto are hidden within secret areas in the dungeon, and you’ll have to know where to find each one to get all the Mokoko Seeds.

It is important to note that you must kill every slime or bat you find in the dungeon to get all the Mokoko Seeds. Moreover, you must kill all mobs in the first half of the dungeon before you move to the next half since you cannot return to the first half after you cross over.

Below are the locations for all twelve Mokoko Seeds in the Stormcry Dungeon:

What can you get for 12 Mokoko Seeds?

You can’t get anything for 12 Mokoko Seeds as the first Mokoko reward requires at least 50 Mokoko Seeds to claim your first reward from Mokoko Village Chief Totoma.

The first reward you can get for your Mokoko Seeds is a Totoma Card, which requires you to have collected 50 Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark. After you collect your first 50 Mokoko Seeds, collect an additional 50 to get a Kindness Potion, then 50 more seeds after that and you can get a Stronghold Crew Application Form: Chicachica. You can keep collecting rewards at multiples of 50 Mokoko Seeds up to a maximum of 1200 Mokoko Seeds.

Where can I redeem Mokoko Seeds?

Head to Village Chief Totoma on Tortoyk to claim Mokoko Seed rewards in Lost Ark. You can get rewards at multiples of 50 Mokoko Seeds, with the first rewards claimable as soon as you collect your first 50 seeds in the game.

There are around 1200 Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark and about 24 unique rewards, which include Cards, Virtue Potions, Stat Potions, Stronghold and Crew Application Forms, Ship Blueprints, and Collectibles, to name a few.


The Stormcry Grotto dungeon is a great place for hunting down those elusive Mokoko Seeds. Not only does the dungeon have 12 Mokoko Seeds, but all the seeds are relatively easy to get to save for a few ones hidden in secret areas inside the dungeon. Follow the guide above to find the entrances to the secret areas and to learn the locations of all Mokoko Seeds in Stormcry Grotto.

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