Locations of All Liebeheim Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark

Where is Liebeheim?

Lieberheim is located in the Atusia Ocean, North of the North Luterran Sea and East of the Wall of Procyon in Lost Ark. It is an island with beautiful flowers in all seasons that many tourists visit.

You can visit Lieberheim as soon as you gain the ability to sail in Lost Ark, as the island’s Recommended Item Level for Lieberheim is a low 250, and the Admission Period is Always.

All Mokoko Seeds on Liebeheim

Liebeheim is a relatively tiny island in Lost Ark, so finding just two Mokoko Seeds on the island makes sense. The good news is you can pick up both Mokoko Seeds as soon as you spot them, as both are just sitting in the open on the island.

Below are the locations of the two Mokoko Seeds on Liebeheim.

What else is there to do in Liebeheim?

There is a decent amount of content on Liebeheim Island – you can get an Island Token, pick up two Mokoko Seeds, and complete a simple yet long chain quest.

The Liebeheim Island chain quest consists of six unique purple quests, five of which are given by the island NPC Zenri. One of the quests, however, will require you to sail to the Frozen Sea to meet up with Beastman Mark.

Affairs on Liebeheim don’t end after you complete the island quest chain. You’ll likely make multiple visits to Liebeheim as you attempt to acquire the Island Token. The only way to get the Island Token is by reaching Trusted Rapport with the island’s lone NPC in Zenri – a process that can take around 28 days if you only plan on using Rapport Songs and Emotes.

What are the benefits of Mokoko Seeds?

Mokoko Seeds, by themselves, do not give bonuses to your character in Lost Ark. Instead, you can think of Mokoko Seeds as a currency you can collect and exchange for various rewards later in the game.

While Mokoko Seeds seem like ordinary seeds, these are Tortoyk’s younglings, which were sent flying across Arkesia after the Great Giant Tortoyk sneezed. The Village Chief Totoma will be very happy to have their children back and offers various rewards for whoever finds and returns the seeds


Liebeheim is one of the smallest islands in Lost Ark. Despite the island’s minuscule land area, there’s a surprising amount of content to consume on the island, such as collecting the Island Soul, Rapport with Zenri, collecting Mokoko Seeds, and completing various island quests.

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