Locations of All Ancient Elveria Mokoko Seeds

Where is Ancient Elveria?

Ancient Elveria is a dungeon in the Balankar Mountains in North Vern. You can get to the Ancient Elveria entrance by heading to the northern end of the Balankar Mountains or teleporting to the Veloran Hideout Entrance Triport.

The Ancient Elveria dungeon is the final dungeon in the North Vern storyline, where you fight against Sigmund’s necromancers to clear a path to Elveria.

Where are the Mokoko Seeds in Ancient Elveria?

If you’ve completed the North Vern questline without using a Powerpass in Lost Ark, you’ve likely already gone through the Ancient Elveria dungeon. However, as this part of the North Vern storyline can be considered the climax, you’re too focused on the dungeon’s objectives during your visit, causing you to miss the 10 Mokoko Seeds in the area.

Fortunately, like other storyline dungeons in Lost Ark, you can go back to Ancient Elveria later in the game and collect the Mokoko Seeds tucked away in the dungeon. Here are all 10 Mokoko Seeds in Ancient Elveria.

Does Tortoyk have Mokoko Seeds?

Tortork does not have Mokoko Seeds. Mokoko Seeds on Tortoyk are quickly born a Mokoko, so there aren’t many seeds hanging around on the island.

Mokoko Seeds are unborn Mokokos that were sent flying across Arkesia after the Giant Tortoyk accidentally sneezed them off the island. Hence, the Village Chief Totoma is giving out special rewards for the return of the Mokokos’ unborn children.

What are the hardest Mokoko Seeds to get in Lost Ark?

Mokoko Seeds hidden behind secret rooms or areas are the hardest to find in Lost Ark. These seeds require special Sheet Music such as the Song of Resonance or Forest’s Minuet.

Part of the reason these Mokoko Seeds are difficult to acquire lies in the time it takes to get enough Pirate Coins to purchase the Song of Resonance (16,500 Pirate Coins), which is also a requirement for acquiring the Forest’s Minuet (Quest: Traveler Eclipse, Lullaby Island).


All the Mokoko Seeds in the Ancient Elveria dungeon will not require Sheet Music like the Song of Resonance or Forest’s Minuet, making it easy to collect all ten seeds. Most of the Mokoko Seeds can be picked up in the open, while some seeds can only be obtained after you beat a mini-boss and kill all the mobs in the area. Follow the Mokoko Seed markers in the map guide above to find all ten Mokoko Seeds in Ancient Elveria.

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