How to Unlock the Stronghold Farm in Lost Ark

What is a Stronghold Farm?

The Farm is one of many useful features you’ll find on your Stronghold in Lost Ark. The Farm allows you to automatically farm and collect various materials from Foraging, Logging, Mining, Hunting, Fishing, and Excavating.

The materials you collect from your Stronghold Farm can then be used to craft valuable materials from your Workshop. Battle Item Chests, Cooking Materials, and various Fusion Materials are three types of items you can create using the materials you collect from your Stronghold Farm.

How to Unlock the Stronghold Farm

To unlock the Stronghold Farm, you must reach Level 10 in your Stronghold. After which, a quest called the Happy Harvesting will become available. Complete the quest to unlock the Stronghold Farm in Lost Ark.

The Stronghold Farm can be very useful, especially for players who have limited playtime on their hands, as Stronghold Farm remains active even when you’re not actively playing the game.

Is the Stronghold Farm worth it?

Players with not a lot of playing time on their hands will appreciate the Stronghold Farm. The ability to farm various Trade Skill materials automatically from your backyard even when you’re offline is a godsend and can free up a ton of time, which players can use to complete more important quests or content in Lost Ark.

However, keep in mind that the Stronghold Farm is less efficient than good ole manual labor, and you won’t get as many materials as you’ll want for the same amount of Energy by using the Stronghold Farm.

How do I get to my Stronghold?

You can visit your Stronghold by playing the Song of Hearth and Home. Press F2 on your keyboard, choose the Song of Hearth and Home, then press the Play button on the bottom of the Sheet Music menu to teleport to your Stronghold.

To leave your Stronghold, press F2 again to bring up the Sheet Music menu, then choose the Song of Escape. Click on the Play button to play the song, and you should be teleported back to your previous location.


The Stronghold Farm can be a great passive way of collecting valuable crafting materials in Lost Ark. While it isn’t as efficient using Trade Skills manually, the ability to collect materials even when you’re not playing can be great for players who can only play a few times a week.

Reach Stronghold Level 10 and complete the Happy Harvesting quest to unlock the Stronghold Farm and start collecting Trade Skill materials passively in Lost Ark.

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