How to Get the Promise Isle Token in Lost Ark

Where is Promise Isle?

Promise Isle is in the Ashtarte Ocean, East of Rohendel, and West of Vern in Lost Ark. You can find Promise Isle in Dead Waters alongside other Islands such as Niheltalop’s Thoughts, Metus Islands, and Walpurgis.

If you’re still having trouble finding Promise Isle in Lost Ark, you can use the World Map search function to pinpoint the island’s location on the map. Bring up the World Map by pressing M on your keyboard, then type “Promise Isle” in the search bar, and the map should center on Promise Isle.

How to Get the Promise Isle Token

You can get the Promise Isle Token as a quest reward for completing the [Journey] Shattered Heart on Promise Isle. To find the quest, you must interact with a hidden object on Promise Isle. However, this object only spawns after you first complete the first and second Awakening Questline.

The first Awakening Quest is acquired after you reach Level 50 and complete the North Vern questline until you’re tasked to unlock Chaos Dungeons. Visit Beatrice in Trixion and complete the purple quest from her to unlock your first Awakening Skill.

The second Awakening Quest can be acquired after you complete the Rohendel Main Story Quests. Accept the [Journey] Strange Mail quest and complete it to unlock your second Awakening Skill.

With both Awakening Skills unlocked, sail to Promise Isle and head for the location marked below. You should find a hidden item in the area. Interact with it to get the [Journey] Shattered Heart quest. Complete the quest to get the Promise Isle Token as a reward.

What do you do with Island Tokens?

You can exchange Island Tokens for various rewards from Grandpa Opher on Opher, The Lonely Island. Collect your first five tokens, then obtain multiples of five Tokens afterward to collect the rest of the rewards on the island.

Some of the most valuable loots you can get for Island Tokens are Greater Stat Increase Potion, Emotes, Ship Skins, and Skill Points, among many other rewards.

Are islands important in Lost Ark?

Islands aren’t just important in Lost Ark – they are mandatory for pushing the game’s story forward and contain much of Lost Ark’s endgame content.

You’ll find over a hundred islands in Lost Ark, many of which offer exciting quest chains, challenges, and collectibles that you’ll spend hours trying to complete. Many of the quests give out valuable upgrade materials that you’ll want to get to push your character to its potential in Lost Ark.


Getting the Promise Isle Token is straightforward, as it only requires you to complete the purple quest on the island. The purple quest is locked behind multiple endgame objectives, such as completing both Awakening quests, so you’ll probably want to progress through the game’s storyline first and come back later to collect the Island Token on Promise Isle.

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