How to Get the Ice Maze Island Token in Lost Ark

Where is Ice Maze Isle?

Ice Maze Isle is in the Sirius Sea, East of Shushire, and Northwest of Arthetine in Lost Ark. It is a Tier 1 island with a Recommended Item Level of 635 and an Admission Period of Always.

You can get to Ice Maze Isle by sailing North from Vern or Northwest from Arthetine. The waters surrounding Ice Maze Isle are Level 2 Cold Snap Seas, so you might want to use a ship that has decent resistance to Cold Snap.

How to Get the Ice Maze Isle Token

You can get the Ice Maze Isle Token by completing the Stay Racoon Yellow Quest from the Worried Shepherd and the Torches of Kindness Purple quest from Shepherd Laha.

You cannot bring up the area map while you’re on Ice Maze Island, and the spawn points are random each time you enter the island, so you’ll have to follow the maze and hope you can find the Worried Shepherd on the island.

First, find any of the purple areas marked on the map created by an inven user. This is your starting point. You will know if you’re in a purple area if you can find Shepherd Lara in the location. Talk to Shepherd Laha and accept the yellow quest to begin.

Depending on which purple zone you’re in, your goal is to bring the Racoon to the middle of the island. Refer to the map below to find the path relative to your starting point (by inven user

You’ll know when you’re on the right track when you start seeing melting snow. Eventually, you’ll arrive at a small patch of green – this is the middle of the island.

After you successfully bring the Racoon to the middle of the map, head to the blue dot on the map to find the Shepherd Laha.

To complete the quest from Shepherd Laha, you will need Humpback Whale Oil, which you can get from the Notos Island daily quest. Alternatively, if you have Pirate Coins to spare, head for the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel in Shushire and purchase the Humpback Whale Oil for 6000 Pirate Coins.

After you give the Humpback Whale Oil to Shepherd Lara, head back to any of the purple areas on the map to complete the quest and receive the Ice Maze Isle Token as a reward.

Ice Maze Isle Quests and Rewards

There’s only one quest on Ice Maze Isle, which means the rewards and loot you can get on the island are limited to a handful of rewards that you get for completing the island quest.

Nevertheless, you can get a decent amount of Pirate Coins from the Ice Maze Isle quest, making it worth your time and effort.

  • Ice Maze Island Token
  • Valuable Chest of Ice Maze
  • Uncommon Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive) x4
  • Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x8
  • Pirate Coin x7000

How many Island Tokens are there in Lost Ark?

There are 95 Island Tokens to collect in Lost Ark, which means most islands in the game will have at least 1 Island Token you can collect by completing island-specific quests.

You can get up to 18 unique rewards from Island Tokens, which include various Emotes, Stat Increase Potions, Collectibles, Runes, Mounts, and Ship Skin, among many others.


Getting the Ice Maze Isle Token shouldn’t be too difficult once you know which paths to take in the island’s maze. Just remember to carry a Humpback Whale Oil before you enter the maze, so you can complete the quest with no issues.

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