How to Dye Skins in Lost Ark

What are Skin Dyes for?

You can modify select skins and alter their stock color schemes through Skin Dyeing. Skin Dyes, as the name suggests, are skin-dyeing materials that are consumed when you change a skin’s color, pattern, or shine effect in Lost Ark.

There are three types of Dyes in Lost Ark- Magick Society Dye Reagent, Magick Society Pattern Reagent, and Magick Society Shine Reagent. You’ll need these Reagents to change your skin’s color, pattern, or shine at the Skinsmithing NPC.

Where to find Dyes in Lost Ark

The fastest way to get Dyes in Lost Ark is by purchasing them through the in-game Shop. Unfortunately, you’ll have to spend Royal Crystals or Blue Crystals to buy any of the three types of Reagents for skin dyeing.

Open the in-game shop by pressing F4 on your keyboard or by clicking the Shop button in the bottom right corner of the screen. In the Shop menu, click on the Features tab, and in the first row of items, you will find Magick Society Reagents for Dye, Pattern, and Shine.

Prices for each type of Reagent will depend on the type and quantity. For the most part, Dye Reagents will be the most expensive, followed by Pattern Reagent and Shine Reagent. There are also three quantities for each type, giving you more options in the amount of Reagent you can purchase in one transaction.

You can also get Reagents as rewards from login events and some quests in Lost Ark. However, there are very few of these rewards in the game, so buying the Reagents from the shop is still your best bet.

How do you Dye your skins in Lost Ark?

You can Dye our skins at the Skinsmithing NPC found in most major cities in Lost Ark. Bring up the World Map, then look for a colorful cloth icon with red scissors to find the Skinsmithing NPC on the map. Alternatively, you can type Skinsmithing in the World Map search bar to pinpoint the NPC’s location.

Talk to the Skinsmithing NPC, then select the Skin Dyeing option in the bottom part of the menu. All your dyeable skins will show up here, and you can mix and match various skin colors and finishes for your character’s skins.

Depending on the skin you’re looking to dye, you’ll have various options, such as sectioned colors, patterns, pattern colors, and shine. Each modification will require a specific amount of Magick Society Dye, Pattern, and Shine Reagent.

How to know if a skin can be dyed in Lost Ark

Skins that can be modified in Lost Ark will not have a “Cannot be dyed” label in the skin description. Unfortunately, skins that can be dyed in Lost Ark are few, and they are often very expensive, as only purchased skins are eligible for dyeing. Gear you pick up from dungeons cannot be dyed.

You can also check whether your skins can be dyed by talking to the Skinsmithing NPC in major cities in the game and selecting the Skin Dyeing option. All skins you own that can be dyed will show up there. If none of your intended skins appear there, then it’s likely these skins aren’t dyeable.


Skin Dyeing can be a great way of personalizing your expensive skins in Lost Ark. With enough Magick Society Reagents, you can completely transform your skins’ colors, patterns, and finishes to give your character a unique personalized look.

Head to the Skinsmithing NPC in major cities in the game and select the Skin Dyeing option to start dyeing your characters’ skins in Lost Ark.

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