How to Skip Rapport with Nineveh in Lost Ark

Where to find Nineveh?

You can find Nineveh on Whispering Islet – head to Windy Knoll in the southwestern part of Whispering Islet. You should find Nineveh under a large tree in the area.

Initially, you’ll have to find Nineveh and wake her by completing the island quest Waiting’s End at Windhaven Garden. After you complete the island quest and awaken Nineveh from her slumber, you can talk to her at Windhaven Garden again, but she will run off somewhere after your conversation ends.

Nineveh Rapport Requirements

Nineveh is one of the more demanding Rapport NPCs in the game regarding Rapport requirements.

To start a Rapport with Nineveh, you’ll need 180 points on Wisdom, Courage, Charisma, and Kindness Virtues. You’ll also have to complete a quest called the Start of Our Story, which you can get from Allegro on Whispering Islet.

Getting and completing the quest with Allegro should be easy, but getting 180 points on four Virtues will require hours of grinding in Lost Ark. Hence, you’ll want to take advantage of the Rapport Skip available for Nineveh to save hours of grinding Virtue Points.

How to successfully Rapport Skip Nineveh in Lost Ark?

To successfully skip Rapport with Nineveh, you must raise your Virtue Points to 230 and get five identical Relic Rapport Gifts or twenty-one identical Legendary Rapport Gifts.

Rapport Skip with Relic Gifts

If you opt to get 5 Relic gifts, progress in your Rapport with Nineveh to 10,000-10,299 Friendly 1, then gift Nineveh 5 of the same Relic gifts in one go. If you have 6 of the same Relic Rapport Gifts, you can start at 0-299 Friendly 1.

Rapport Skip with Legendary Gifts

If you’re going for Legendary Gifts instead, raise your Rapport with Nineveh to 18,000-18,299 at Friendly 1, then gift her 21 identical Legendary Rapport Gift in one go.

In case you have more than 21 of the same Legendary Gifts, you can start your Rapport Skip with Nineveh earlier.

  • 22 Legendary Rapport Gifts – 16,000-16,299 Friendly 1
  • 23 Legendary Rapport Gifts – 14,000-14,299 Friendly 1
  • 24 Legendary Rapport Gifts – 12,000-12,299 Friendly 1
  • 25 Legendary Rapport Gifts – 10,000-10,299 Friendly 1
  • 26 Legendary Rapport Gifts – 8,000-8,299 Friendly 1
  • 27 Legendary Rapport Gifts – 6,000-6,299 Friendly 1
  • 28 Legendary Rapport Gifts – 4,000-4,299 Friendly 1
  • 29 Legendary Rapport Gifts – 2,000-2,299 Friendly 1
  • 30 Legendary Rapport Gifts – 0-299 Friendly 1

Is the Nineveh Rapport Skip worth it?

The Nineveh Rapport Skip is mandatory because of the high Virtue requirements for doing Rapport with Nineveh. The Rapport Skip essentially allows you to bypass the high Virtue requirement and reach Trusted Rapport with Nineveh in one go.

As you progress in your Rapport with Nineveh and reach Amicable 1, the Virtue requirements become even steeper, requiring 230 Points on Virtues. After you finish Friendly 1, those numbers creep up to 310 – that’s an insane amount of Virtue Points that even hardcore Lost Ark players will have a hard time reaching.


Rapport Skip is a useful Rapport mechanic that allows you to speed up your Rapport progression with select Rapport NPCs in the game. Nineveh is one Rapport NPC where a Rapport skip is mandatory due to the high Virtue Point requirement you must meet to go beyond Amicable 1 and Friendly 1 Rapport with her in Lost Ark.

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