How to Beat Shadespire Floor 48 in Lost Ark

What is Shadespire Floor 48?

Shadespire Floor 48 is one of 50 Floors found in the Shadespire Tower in Lost Ark. To enter Shadespire Floor 48, you need at least Item Level 520 and have completed all preceding floors in the Shadespire Tower.

Floor 48 is one of the easiest floors in the Tower, only requiring you to meet the Objective: Defeat Monsters. The time limit to complete this challenge is three minutes, and the Recommended Items for the job are Grenades, Stealth Robe, and Scarecrow.

How to Beat Floor 48 Tower in Lost Ark

Beating Floor 48 in the Shadespire Tower is easy. All you need is a couple of Frost Grenades and some patience, and you’ll be able to complete Floor 48 in a few minutes. The Frost Grenades are mandatory, however, as you cannot damage the boss in any other way.

You’ll be silenced for a few seconds as soon as you enter Floor 48, so run around and wait until you can use your Frost Grenades, then throw them at the boss to inflict damage. After you complete your first attempt, you’ll have to wait a few seconds for the Frost Grenade cooldown to complete. During this time, evade enemy attacks by running around in circles in the arena. As soon as the cooldown for your grenades is up, throw another Frost Grenade at the boss to take it down.

You’ll only need two Frost Grenades to beat the boss and complete Floor 48, but you’ll probably want to carry as many to give yourself room for error. Additionally, you’ll want to kill the floor boss as quickly as you can, as minibosses will spawn if you take too long.

Shadespire Tower Floor 48 Rewards

Shadespire Tower floors are grouped into five sections, each consisting of 10 floors. Each section features similar rewards, such as Engraving Recipes, Shards, Stones, and Stat Potions.

On Floor 48, you can get an Epic-Creation Fragment Card and a Guardian Stone Fragment (x100). These two rewards are more than worth your time and effort, considering how easy it is to complete Floor 48 of the Shadespire Tower.

How many floors does Tower have in Lost Ark?

There are 50 unique floors in the Shadespire Tower in Lost Ark, and each floor features a unique set of challenges and rewards, making the Tower one of the more exciting content in the game.

When you enter the Tower for the first time, you will start from Floor 1 and progress upwards to the succeeding floors one by one. Each floor will feature a unique objective, a time limit, and a set of rewards. For the most part, Tower involves defeating monsters, and bosses, surviving for a specified amount of time, and completing boss fights.


It’s easy to go into Floor 48 head first and spam the boss and all enemies with some of your most powerful spells/skills. However, you’ll quickly be humbled once you realize that your character is silenced as soon as you enter the floor and when none of your character’s spells deal any damage to the boss in the arena.

Grenades are the only way to deal damage to the floor boss, so you’ll want to equip Grenades before you enter Floor 48 of the Shadespire Tower. You’re silenced the moment you enter Floor 48, so wait until you’re able to throw Grenades and deal damage to the boss as quickly as you can to complete the floor before minibosses spawn.

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